Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Motivating Myself

I actually posted this on my SparkPeople page but wanted to share it here because it's about what I am trying to accomplish right now:

I haven't been on for a while. I was laid off in January and that was chaotic. Of course the first routine to go was my exercise routine. Bye-bye gym membership. I feel bad about that but since I was moving home to help save money it seemed idiotic to keep going. I meant to keep exercising but my job search consumed me, as did depression. I found a new job but it had wonky hours and paid little. So I slept...a lot.

Looking back I am thinking that keeping an exercise routine probably would have made me feel better. I did eventually find a better job. Being laid off allowed me to re-evaluate my priorities. I wasn't really happy at my previous job, it was just a comfortable position. It had nothing to do with my degree and wasn't challenging at all.

In September I was accepted as a member of Notre Dame Americorps. It's very challenging! I don't make a lot of money but at least what I am doing will make a difference ( I hope) in someone's life. Right now I am at the local courthouse on behalf of a Domestic Violence shelter. I help individuals get their injunctions against their abusers and refer them to counseling services and other programs that they may fit into. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I don't get paid a lot.

I miss going to the gym but I have not had the time, money or inclination to go. This is just an excuse. Things feel like they are getting better and I just discovered a little fitness center and a tennis court in my apartment complex. I guess what I need to find now is the motivation. I can help all these people everyday but I cannot help myself. Working out made me feel good about myself. Preparing healthy meals the same. I hate all the junk food and meals on the run I buy.

I've decided to set new goals and get back on track. It's beautiful outside and since I now live in Florida I have no excuse not to enjoy the wonderful weather. I also just got engaged! I have two years to get my booty back in shape. This isn't last minute and I don't want it to be. I want to be fit for life!

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