Thursday, May 13, 2010

Please Insert Chocolate to Operate

Lately I have been so stressed out as a result of work that I have resorted to eating chocolate bars to calm me down on my way home. Mmmmm, Hershey Bars! This does not seem particularly healthy to me. It makes me feel better for maybe 30 minutes. Then the guilt trip happens and I end up feeling worse than I was prior to the trip down the candy aisle.
I still haven't been able to come up with an exercise routine. Exercising would be a much better alternative stress buster. I did get a TV set up to watch my exercise DVDs away from the living room. However, I have yet to place a DVD in the player and actually exercise!

I have made it to my apartment complex's 'gym'. It is horrible and I will not go back. Apparently the the other resident's and their children do not respect other people's property so everything is in disrepair or does not function properly. I'll save myself the trip to the ER and skip that particular amenity.

The pool at the complex is awesome when it isn't overcrowded. Otherwise it is for lounging not lap swimming. It's nice to relax in after an exercise session. I'm glad it is finally warm enough to jump in the pool. In fact it is almost too warm!

I'm going to try to not eat anymore chocolate bars but I am not making any promises. I would say buying the mini bars would be better but I would than eat the whole bag and not just the single bar of chocolate I'd buy otherwise.

I wish I could find a better solution but I hear the Ice Cream truck tinkling in the distance...J/K! But it is rather annoying to hear it M-Saturday like clockwork. Actually it is rather evil.

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