Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Egg By Any Other Name

My most favorite breakfast in the whole wide world is poached eggs on buttered toast.  Unfortunately, I also think its a bit of a hassle to make during the week.  I just don't have time to get the water to a simmer and get the eggs cooked and actually have time to eat it before I leave for work.
Of course this wouldn't be an issue if I could stop hitting the snooze button.  Mr. Penguin taught me how to use one.  Its all his fault.  :P

I do love the egg and toast combo and these eggs in a bread thingies are so easy to make they don't really need an explanation or a recipe.  We called them toad in a hole at my house growing up.  Mr. Penguin informs me that toad in a hole are something completely different.  something involving sausage?  I don't know.  He could be lying so I checked out this Wikipedia article to get the definitive answer.

It would appear that my name for it is a common one but there are also many others.  I think I like 'magic eggs'.  Yep.  I'm using this one from now on because they are magically delicious.  Oh.  Wait.  Isn't that Lucky Charms cereal?

Hmmm, it would also appear that Mr.  Penguin is also right.  There is a sausage dish called toad in the hole.  I wonder if I made it if he would eat it?  Looks kind of unappetizing to me.



1 egg
1 slice of your favorite bread
salt & pepper


1. Butter both sides of your slice of bread.
2.  With a round cookie cutter or a drinking glass cut hole in bread slice. Reserve cut out piece of bread.
3.  In small frying pan melt additional butter over medium heat.
4.  Place bread and bread piece in pan (if you have room, sometimes I just cook them separately)
5.  Cook until golden brown.  Flip over.  Don't forget the little cut out piece.  It needs some love too.
6.  Crack an egg into a small bowl.  Pour the raw egg into the hole.
7.  When the egg white has turned white and the yoke has started to firm, gently flip the bread and egg over.
8.  Cook egg to desired doneness.  I like mine with the yellow runny.  (For dippin'!)  Add some salt & pepper and enjoy!


  1. The breakfast that goes by many names! my friend wes told me they were called popeyes, but all i could think of was the spinach loving strong man. mr breakfast seems to back wes up:
    Wes also adds a piece of cheese to make it extra delicious, and less healthy. - Sarah

  2. I like Mr Breakfast, I should have seen what he had to say on the subject. Don't know about adding cheese though. I always drown mine in so much butter so I think adding cheese would be suicidal. Delicious but deadly, lol!

  3. I've been wanting to try this for aaaaages. Now you've given me no excuse not to give it a go! Eggs and toast yuuuum!