Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eating Out: Zaxby's

Never in my entire life have I heard of this restaurant.  We don't have them in my neck of the woods.  Kept seeing the commercials though and lo and behold the city I now live in has one up the street.  Intrigued (and confronted by a huge car accident backing up traffic preventing us from getting to our intended destination of the Olive Garden), Mr. Penguin and I decide to take a risk and subject ourselves to some chicken.

Upon walking into Zaxby's your confronted by some, well, I guess eclectic decor.  Every available space was covered by sports themed memorabilia.  Is there a store somewhere that sell restaurants this stuff?  Who decided that a chicken eating establishment needed to be jazzed up with sports decor?  It wasn't a sit-down be served at your seat restaurant nor was it quite fast food.  I was confused.  Especially since the lighting suggested something more along the lines of an Applebee's or TGI Fridays.  The only thing missing was a beer or two.  They did have Diet Crack so I was happy.

Penguin started out his meal with some cheese, battered and deep friend.  Mmmm, cheese.  And also a bit out of place on the menu unless your going for the greasy pub food vibe that the decor seems reminiscent of.   They honestly would have tasted better I I'd been a bit tipsy.  Mr. Penguin seemed to enjoy them.  Even saved some for later in my ant infested car.  A little extra protein never hurt no one.  Just brush them ants off and dig in (no lie).  Probably only because I said ewww!

Mr. Penguin's main course, boneless wings covered in teriyaki sauce served with seasoned crinkle cut fries and some edible tooth floss.  Yeah. No one ate the celery.  Bleh!  The sauce on the chicken was pretty scrumptious.  The chicken itself was pretty unmemorable.  As in it tasted like battered and friend chicken. 

I decided to be health conscious and ordered the grilled chicken breast sandwich.  It looked really pretty.  It tasted alright.  It was pretty salty and almost tasted like it was faked grilled.  Something was just off about it and I can't figure out what.  The bun was delicious as was the honey mustard sauce.  That lettuce is adorable!  The stats on this meal are not, 1130 calories! including fries (not drink) according to their website. Should have skipped the fries.

I took a couple more shots of the chicken trying to discern if it was indeed chicken.  Still undecided.  It's chicken I just don't believe it was really grilled.  Maybe grill flavored but baked in an oven.

Mr. Penguin suggested it was grilled on a flat-top.  I don't buy it.  It's baked.  It's so juicy and so un-right.  I'll have to hire the Scooby Gang for this mystery because I'm all out of clues.  Maybe Fred and the gang will let me drive the Mystery Machine.

My favorite part of eating out is fried french fries.  These looked so promising.  Alas, they were too salty.  I was sad.  They are seasoned with something very much like Lawry's season salt.  Which would have been great, in moderation.

These ones I took just to annoy Mr. Penguin.  The one above says, umm, hon, I'm trying to eat here.

This ones says, put the $#$% camera down and let me eat, also, your food is getting cold.

I think they're funny.  Which is why I posted them *evil laughter*

So would I eat at Zaxby's again?  Maybe.  If there was another obstacle blocking the road.

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