Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Camera Rant

The Junkiest Camera Ever

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. My camera decided to be stupid and walk out on me. It wasn’t a fantastic camera to begin with but at least it got the job done (in a sorta crap-tastic frustrating way). None of my posts have great photos because of this camera. I also lack skill, but its also the camera.
I used to have a wonderful little HP digital camera. Nothing fancy, in fact I distinctly remember opening up on Christmas morning and being disappointed. When I asked for a digital camera I had one them fancy ones in mind. Nothing specific but fancy, yeah, super fancy.

Anyways I quickly got over my disappointment when I got batteries into the thing and began taking pictures. Up to that point I had a non-digital camera that cost me all of ten bucks at the local Shop-A-Lot. (For some reason I kept wasting money on film and film development that never ever turned out right. So frustrating.) I loved my new digital camera. I sure miss that camera. Sadly it passed away somewhere between drop one and drop two on Splash Mountain in September of 2009. It didn’t get wet or anything so I’m thinking I must of banged it against the side of the boat at some point.

I miss you!!

Well, anyways, my Fiancé being the sweetie that he is decided to get me a ‘new’ camera. Ever wonder what happens to unclaimed property left on Walt Disney Property? It gets sold at discount to cast members. I have reason to believe that my ‘new’ camera was never lost. It was abandoned. That is the only explanation for this most frustrating piece of trash that has the audacity to call itself a camera.

When I can afford a new one I plan on going all Office Space on it:

If you haven't seen Office Space, please do.

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