Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Fever

Can I nibble the ears? Just a little?

Living in Central Florida doesn’t give me the opportunity to experience much seasonal transitions.  It does get cold in the winter and it gets really hot and humid in the summer.  I miss the spring time and fall time weather that seems to last all too briefly around here.  Today I can definitely tell its spring time.  The air smells absolutely divine and it isn’t terribly hot and humid.  In fact it’s the perfect weather to swing.  I love wood swings sets!  I’m sad to see that many playgrounds just don’t have them anymore (along with twisty slides and merry-go-rounds and teeter-totters!). 

My apartment complex has a playground with a swing set but I have to wait until all the kid-os are *hopefully* at home getting ready for supper and bedtime.  Technically I’m too old to be in the playground area bit since I think that rule is more to prevent the tweens and teens in the complex from bullying the younger kids and destroying the equipment.  I’m just there to sedately swing, minding my own business.  It’s such a relaxing past time. 

One day I am going to have a yard or a porch and when I do I am going to have a porch swing or a swing set.  In fact I decided to look around the web and figure out what I want, you know, in case I win the lottery and get to but a house soon.  I found a ton to like at CSN stores.  I believe I would settle for just a simple set like this:
A Simple Swing Set

But if we’re going to pretend I won the lottery, the maybe something like this instead:

A Swingset Palace

Okay.  Maybe the smell of blossoming orange trees has gone to my head.  I have a major case of Spring Fever!

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