Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Disney Dining: Tokyo Dining

My very 'first' date with Mr. Penguin was when he took me out for Japanese at Tokyo Dining in Epcot.  I say 'first' because before that he had never taken me out to eat or anything, all those things consider date worthy.  That's a lie.  We spent the whole week at Disney but he says that doesn't count because he didn't even pay for me to get in.  We did hang out a couple times before I got to see him again but this trip was the trip that sealed the deal so to speak.  He didn't have to take me to some fancy schmancy resturant to win my heart, but he did anyways.  Hard not to fall in love while playing at Disney- so I think he cheated.

The first thing I recommend when deciding to eat her is to not do so on a whim.  I can't stress the importance of making a reservation, especially if you want to dine in the evening.  This visit we didn't have a reservation but it was right before lunch and during the 'off' season, when it was less likely to be busy.  It was pretty full by the time we left though so we 'just' made it before the rush.

Can't tell it's hot outside or the middle of the day from that matter!
The one thing I dislike about eating here is that it feels so formal.  Well it's Japan like and the manners are just more formal.  Mr. Penguin absolutely adores it but I am shy and for some reason I feel even shyer here.  I love the decor and how quiet it feels even at capacity though!  I've never felt rushed or feel like I am in a theme park.  The food is delicious too.  I'm not an adventurous eater and I liked everything I got.

Getting to sit by the huge window-bonus!
There is no bad seat and everywhere you look there is something to look at.  I mostly stared out the window and day dreamed that I was actually in Japan.  I also couldn't stop staring at the table across from us because one of the other patrons had the most outrageous headphones on.  They were adorkable!
Pink!  One of my favorite colors=)
The menu is easy to understand and very descriptive.  No surprises were had when my food arrived.  Good thing too because did I mention that I am not an adventurous eater?

I ordered the Sakura Bento Box.  Why?  Because I liked the name and looked like a lot of food for not a lot of money that's why!  Okay maybe because my favorite anime charachter is name Sakura, as in Cardcaptor Sakura.  I think sakura are japanese cherry blossoms.  I'd google that to check but I'm too lazy right now.

The table scape was pretty.  I wanted to steal this soy sauce pot but I'm a good girl and refrained from doing so.  On the look out for anything as cute at the store as we speak!

Drinks are of course extra.  Mr. Penguin ordered some green tea concoction while I stuck with my usual Diet Coke.  His drink was tasty but not as refreshing as my Diet Crack...uh I mean Coke!  They also serve hot teas and alcoholic beverages including sake and kirin.  Mr. Penguin tricked me with the sake last time we here.  It may be served in a tiny shot-glass like cup but believe me don't chug it like you're a college student at the bar on Thirsty Thursday because you just might be unpleasantly surprised.  Mr. Penguin laughed at my watery cross eyed gaze.  He's evil like that.

Green Tea something or another
Then my food arrived......

Where to begin???  My meal came with sushi (rice, seaweed, avocado, krab and cucumber).....

Some sort of white vegetable thingy, I think daikon or maybe white sweet potato.  I'll be honest it didn't taste much like anything but had the most delicious sauce.

The best piece of salmon I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  And a stray piece of broccoli. Mmmm, tree taste good!  Didn't dip it in any of that smokey black pepper stuff.  Pepper not my favorite thing in the world.

And best of all, tempura!  Anything battered and deep fried is fantastic.  Some shrimp and some veggies crunchy and golden brown perfection.  It was fun dipping them in sauce and chowing down.  I could have eaten them with my fingers but I was up to the challenge and chopsticked them.  I guess I wanted to feel sophisticated...or something.

Also came with a side of rice (not pictured) and Miso soup.  Delicious.  *slurp *burp

Oh yeah, Mr. Penguin got some food too.  I forget what exactly but looks like a lot of tempura.  He's crazy like that.  Quite frankly I was too busy chowing down to care about his plate (or document it!).

I think he like anime too.
Tokyo Dining is an experience worth paying for.  It is a bit pricey.  We go when we have his extra employee discount.  Working for WDW does have it's perks.  Occasionally.

If you want more info about this restaurant or any of the other fantastic ones on Disney property I recommend (as always)  allears.net.  

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