Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Disney Dining: Yakitori House-Japan Pavillion (Epcot)

Well I finally got all moved into my new place.  It's small but lovely.  now my only roommate is the FH Mr. Penguin.  Strange really.  I've pretty much had roommates my entire life, especially if you count having to share a room with a sib.

Anyways, we moved and the FH got a new job!  I'm happy for him, I really am but.....now I don't get to got WDW any ole time I wants! *pouts*

Before we moved we got in as many visits as humanly possible.  During one of those visits sans Mr. Penguin, I visited our favorite Epcot World Showcase Pavilion.  Japan! 
I love learning about Japanese culture and my biggest dream is to get to visit Tokyo one day.  Mr. Penguin and I are uber anime fans, love sushi and cosplay.  I think my favorite aspect of Japanese culture is the food.  But I love food in generally so this is no surprise!

The menu courtesy of Mr. Camera, Mr. Penguin's Bro-in-law=)

Along with Mr. Penguin's family to see the Annual Flower Festival (gorgeous!  do recommend!) we stopped for some dinner at the Yakitori House at the Japan Pavilion.  This is a quick service/counter service restaurant.  You don't have to have a reservation.  That day was very crowded but it was also the Flower Festival.  Usually I don't have much of wait when I dine here.  Despite being busier than usually service wasn't that slow.  The menu isn't very big so it isn't hard to decide what to eat, especially since there are nice photos of the meals posted.  I always love the teriyaki so that's what I got as did the other members of our party.  The only exception is that one person got the noodles.

Tempura Shrimp Udon - Tempura shrimp and udon noodles served in a clear broth with green onions $9.99

Noodles with tempura battered shrimp!  Doesn't that food look nommy?  It was so hot and it is always so hot when I go to the parks that I just cannot commit to anything soup-like.  I was told that it was as delicious as it looked.  

Shogun Teriyaki Combination - teriyaki chicken and beef with steamed vegetables and rice $9.99

Here is the meal that I got, the Shogun Teriyaki combo. They have made some modifications to this meal since last time I was here.  Usually they had some pickled ginger.  There may have been more changes too as a another member of our party expressed disappointment too.  It wasn't as either of us remembered.  That isn't to say it wasn't delicious, it was, it's just that something had changed.  It seemed more Americanized.  I always thought the pickled ginger was a nice touch.  I wish my meal had a little more mixed veggies as all I really got were carrots and a piece of broccoli..  The other meals seem to have had more broccoli and sugar snap peas (my fav) in theirs.  Also, while thi sis a 'combo'  it doesn't come with a drink.  You must purchase that separately. 

Overall it was good food in a pleasant atmosphere.  The little tables are in the shade and there are lanterns strung about in trees.  There is also a koi pond nearby to visit and if the Taiko Drummers happen to be out your in a good location to sit and listen.

For more info about good eats at Epcot and a full menu with prices I recommend the site allears.net.

Next post:  My excellent meal at Tokyo Dining also in the Japan Pavilion.

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