Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's Time to Pollo! (Pollo Tropical Review)

This is another blog post about eating out.  Which I do a lot. Sometimes the day just seems to short to actually get in the kitchen and cook something.  Then clean it up.  I especially hate the clean it up part.

Because it lives right outside my gym and I often see their commercials, over and over, while on the treadmill I often go to Pollo Tropical.
This is one of those restaurants that just don't exist where I'm from up north.  It is a chain but I'm not sure why they don't have any in Illinois.  They should.  It's very good food!

In the summer time they sometimes have a chicken wrap with avocado in it.  So delicious!  All their chicken is delicious.  Maybe that's why they have chicken in their title (for the linguistically challenged, Pollo=chicken in Spanish).  it's all cooked on a grill and just fills the whole place would good smells.  I don't often eat in though.  I like going through the drive thru after my work out.

I can't say that I've ever felt guilty about eating there after my work out either.  Salads, soup and chicken.  A healthy well rounded meal can be had here.  I usually get their classic grilled chicken sandwich which comes with a lot of lettuce and a huge slice of yummy tomato.  The sauce is mayo based but not much on the sandwich.  The bun is huge and I have been known to just toss off the top.  I do love me carbs though.

The chicken is huge!  look at it just hanging out the sides.  Yummy!  I also got a side Caesar salad this time.  Their split pea soup is also good but almost a meal in itself.  Hearty potatoes and pieces of pork.  I love to get it when we have a bit a cold snap.

This was Peter's first trip.  Despite not being a fan of the guava he opted for their guava pulled pork.  I tried a nibble and agree with his assessment that it doesn't reek of guava which to us tastes wonky.  They had a sauce station and he gussied 'er up with sweet BBQ sauce. 

I should have gotten a close up of that sign.  It lists what sauce is what and how hot it's likely to be. 

Pollo Tropical also serves whole grilled chicken meals and have a ton of sides to choose from.  They don't have mashed potatoes or cole slaw though.  If you want those go to KFC or the Boston Market down the street!  They've got black beans and rice, yucca, plantains and the like.  These are foods I never tried before moving down to the Orlando area and I am so glad to have discovered.  I'm glad to say that I am more adventurous eater than I ever was before!  Tried anything new lately?

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