Thursday, December 15, 2011


I just had to blog about this because it's the most awesomely awesome free sample I have ever received.  I don't even remember requesting this but no big deal!  I wish things like this came in the mail everyday.  Checking the mail is the best part of my day.  I usually just find coupon circulars that just get tossed in the recycle bin but I do like to look around the Internet to score free stuff.  Which I must have done to receive this from Target*: 

I received a small makeup bag with samples of shampoos, conditioners, eye cream, lotion, some makeup remover wipes and coupons.  I probably won't use the coupons.  I just don't buy many beauty products often.  They last me forever.  I did like the makeup remover towelette so I now buy them for my gym bag.  They smelled like cucumber and were very refreshing.
Speaking of Target, I had to go pick up my husband at work and happened to see this as waited for him in the car:

It's a bit hard to see from the rain and darkness but this Target has put up orange traffic cones all along their front entrances to prevent cars from driving right up to the doors to pick up and drop off passengers. (Because, you know, it isn't obvious that this something one shouldn't do.)  Unfortunately, these particular shoppers decided they are allowed to ignore them.  Yep!  They moved them out of their way and drove up onto the pavement.  The guy in yellow is an employee who told them to move.  Maybe they thought they would melt?  If so they may want to reconsider living in Florida.  It rains a lot here.

*Target did not pay me to tell these two stories, I do not work for Target but I do enjoy shopping there=)

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