Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pin All the Things 9/9/12 {Hedgehogs make me *Squee*}

My and the hubster have been discussing getting a pet.  I kind of want a pet but then I remember I'm never home Monday to Friday and that wouldn't be fair to a puppy dog.  A cat sounds alright until I imagine it shredding my roomie's fairly new furniture.  Our place is small too so not sure where it's litter box would go.

Peter is trying to convince me that a hedgehog would be our perfect pet.  I'm not so convinced yet but he's not buying my fishy pets idea.  I like aquariums.  They are so calming and I love the sound of the bubbling water.  I've had a lot of fish growing up.  It's pretty much the only pet my Dad let us have.  Peter has had a lot of pets growing up.  Dogs cats, hamsters, gerbils.  And now he is fixated on getting a hedgehog.

After some research and looking at oodles of hedgie porn the idea has grown on me.  I'd name her Dilemma or Dilly for short and she would curl up by my neck when I read and be very snuggly.  I have a wonderful imagination and so I realize that the above scenario is doubtful.

Check out all the reasons I should have a hedgehog for a pet:

It's begging me to take it home.

They like to take baths? Intriguing. Ever try to give a cat a bath? Not fun!

They are small and cute. I'd be able to keep one in a small cage or aquarium. At least I'd get my aquarium.

Maybe I don't need a real hedgehog. I think I'd be happy with any of these little guys:

This one is made of felt and looks so real and cute!

Not sure what these little guys are made of. Maybe terry cloth towel?

Or maybe I'll just buy a print or a t-shirt:

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Sherlock Holmes reference ftw!

I love this shirt. Only one hedgehog per a hedge please, lol!

So what do you think? Hedgehog or no?


  1. Silly. Fish aren't pets. If you can't pet it, it isn't a pet, it's mobile decor.

    Which is probably why you like them... Count your blessings I didn't suggest getting a snake instead of a hedgie ;)

    1. We are not ever in a million years getting a snake.


      Your Wife