Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wild Animal Cake Pops

Junglepops (8)

One of my courthouse acquaintances asked if I could make jungle animals for a child's birthday party. Challenge...accepted!

Some of these animals don't live in a jungle. I know this. How could I not make a giraffe or hippo though? They are the best animals to visit at the zoo according to me and my Mom. Penguins too according to the hubby but I'm pretty sure penguins could never qualify as jungle animals unless they are the ones that got shipwrecked on that island in the movie Madagascar. "Just smile and wave, smile and wave"

Junglepops (7)
I painted on details with some melted chocolate and a small paint brush.  Sprinkle for flower.

Monkeys are definitely from the jungle. I think. Don't quote me. I remember every time my Mom or Dad took us to the zoo he would tell us that the chimps were are real parents and that if we didn't behave they would have to give us back to them.

Junglepops (6)

I avoid the primate house when I visit the zoo. It's stanky! Or at least it was the last time I visited. They kind of creep me out too. Ever seen Planet of the Apes? Not the new one. The new one is crap. Gotta love Charlton Heston's line: "Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!" It certainly is a mad house.

Junglepops (4)
Chocolate details, sprinkles for nostrils.  Chocolate chip ears attached prior to dipping.

My Mom's favorite zoo animal is the Hippopotamus. I think my Grandpa likes them too. He is always saying don't stand too close (or you'll get poop flung on you!). Hippos are evil. I don't see much that is cute about them either and that damn Christmas song of theirs is annoying.

Junglepops (3)
Details added with melted chocolate in a piping bag and paint brush.

My brother's favorite is the wild cats. He says that any animal that will eat a magician gets two thumbs up from him. Sick Joe, just sick.

Junglepops (1)
Used butterscotch baking chips for the mane.

I have to admit that if I was a tiger or lion I'd get pretty fed up with jumping through hoops all day too.

Junglepops (2)
Attached a banana Runt candy prior to dipping.  Ears is a cut candy melt.

I really like watching the elephants, especially baby elephants. They're not my favorite zoo animal but they are at least 2nd place. I used to carry around a grey elephant hand puppet everywhere when I was little. Unfortunately I lost it on my walk to or from kindergarten. Never found her.

Junglepops (5)
Chocolate chip horns prior to dipping.  Rolled fondant for ears.  Chocolate piping details.

Giraffes are my favorite. They are just so weird! Everytime I see them and laugh and think, "WTF God! What were you thinking?" Makes me think s/he has a great sense of humor. They are so adorable. I want a petite lap giraffe.

Junglepops (9)
Covered Styrofoam block with tissue paper and attached grass bulletin board  border with tape.

I get to go to the Zoo Sunday when I go on vacation. I haven't been to the zoo in ages. I'm spending all of next week in in Illinois with the fam. So excited! The St. Louis Zoo is so much fun!

What's your favorite animal at the Zoo?

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