Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pin All the Things!

I've decided that since I spend a lot of my free time on Pinterest I would like to share what I pinned this week.  If you don't know what Pinterest is I feel sorry for you, your lucky, you should check it out!  It's a marvelous time waster way to keep track of the things that inspire you as you browse the web.  Feel free to join and follow me as I pin all the things!

This week on Pin All the Things:

Tips & Tricks

How to not make a mess with your decorating icing.

How to peel a Kiwi fruit the easy way!

My Favorite Blogs

Cooking Comically is very entertaining.  He also has some yummy recipes.  My favorte so far references Game of thrones.  Winter is coming=)  Posted below is the easiest 'ice cream' recipe ever!

Things to be Cooked

Sweet and Sour Pork from the Noble Pig blog.  I have made this a few times now and it is always delicious.  It's not like traditional sweet and sour you get from the Chinese delivery place.  My only problem I have had with this recipe is finding non stringy pea pods:(

Another recipe from Noble Pig. This blog rocks!  It's called Super Saucy Chicken Over Angel Hair Pasta.  Superstar!

Things to Be Made

I have an obsession with being organized so when I saw this I *squeed*

When I saw this I just knew it would be a perfect gift for a couple of babies I know that are soon to be born. I can't decide what colors I would like to make them in though. Any suggestions for neutral color schemes. We don't know if the babes will be girls or boys or one each. I figured it might be easier to make them both in the same colors to make the piecing go quicker.

I have pinned a ton more than this so if your interested go check me out over there and join the club. Everyone's doing it;)

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