Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pin All the Things! 03/25/12

This week as gone by so quickly!  How many of ya wet out to the movies to see Hunger Games?  I opted out.  I'm not a fan of opening weekends and this movie is really popular so I knew it would be crowded.  I love going to the movies but lately it's become annoying.  Cell phones, light up shoes and whiny babies (and adults).  They've all conspired to make going to the movies un-enjoyable.  The last movie I saw in the theater was Puss in Boots on Thanksgiving last year.  Barely anyone in there except the family with the child with light up shoes who couldn't sit still. Whole theater to sit in and they choose to sit in the same row as us.  Those shows were very bright!  The movie was very good though and I can't wait to see Hunger Games next Friday.  I'm sure the theater will still be packed but I just can't wait for the DVD to come out, lol!

Last weekend I picked up a couple of cute items I thought I'd share with you.

My favorite place in the world in Bath & Body Works.  I really love their candles.  I keep trying other brands but theirs are just so smelly-ful!

I picked Peach Bellini.  It smells sweet and fruity.

Peter picked this one out.  It's more minty than lemony which makes me sad.  Peter absolutely loves.  I think it's a bit weird but not bad.

I randomly saw the following item at the grocery store near the cake mixes.  It's so cute!

It's a cupcake holder!  So awesome.  Now I can pack cupcakes in my lunch for work.  It will probably still be a little messy but better than simply sticking it in ziplock baggie.

On to this weeks pins:

Things to be Cook:

I have some left over cauliflower in the fridge right now.  I attempted to make mashed cauliflower because I heard that it makes a good substitute for mashed potatoes.  Potatoes w/o the carbs sounds like a good idea in theory but in actuality are not the same.  So my fail faux potatoes shall become, I hope, epic cauliflower pancakes.

The Bakingdom blog is full of yummy looking treats but I keep drooling over this recipe the most.  I loved getting those Lil'' Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies in my lunch!

Dream Kitchen:

I started a new board when I saw the following kitchen stumbling...

Isn't it purtty?!  I love the colors and all that light.  The kitchen in my apartment is small and dark.  It's also full of bright fiestaware colors like tangerine and turquoise.  This kitchen is just calling to me even though it's so different than what I currently have.

Things to be Made:

Found this tutorial for an Easter garland...

Isn't darling? it's also simple to make so hopefully I can get off my rump and make it this week. My quilt project is on hold right now pending a run to the store for more binding. Since the store is kind of a distance away that ain't gonna happen till next weekend. Perfect excuse for this bunny project!

Well that's it for this week's Pin All the Things!  Next week I should have seen Hunger Games, week late but as long as no one ruins the movie for me I should have a good time=)

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