Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bzzagent Review: Glade Expressions

One of my most favorite things to do is to smell all the things in the air freshener aisle at the grocery store. I love buying candles and wall plug-ins that will make my home smell wonderful. So getting to test out the Glade Expressions Collection is very exciting for me. I love being a Bzzagent! I received a coupon for a free oil diffuser and aerosol spray. I also received a lot of coupons to pass along to friends and family (or random strangers hanging out in the air freshener aisle smelling all the things. They are good coupons too! $4.00 off any oil diffuser starter kit and $2.00 off the fragrance mist starter kit. An awesome deal that I was happy to pass along.

Glade Expressions 2

I picked up the lavender & juniper berry oil diffuser and the cotton & mandarin orange fragrance spray to try out. The oil diffuser is really pretty and decorative. The refillable fragrance mist isn't as aesthetically pleasing but the label is easy to remove making it less noticeable than the usual can of air freshener hanging out in the bathroom.

 Glade Expressions 1

I placed the oil diffuser in my bedroom at first but it was so strong I soon moved into the living room. After the fragrance died down a bit I returned it to my bedroom. I really liked the scent better after it mellowed out a bit. Unfortunately the oil ran out pretty quick and it's time for a refill! I feel like that it didn't last very long. I still have plenty of the cotton and mandarin spray left. It smells very refreshing. My husband really likes the scent and sprays it around often. Like most air fresheners the scent fades away quickly. Sadness. I would really like that scent in a fabric refresher spray that way the scent lingers longer. I think I'll get an oil diffuser in that scent when I go back for a refill. I really recommend this product. It scents are wonderful and the dispensers are reusable. I really liked Glade products before this and will continue to in the foreseeable future.

Disclosure:  I am a BzzAgent and received these products from BzzAgent.com for review at no cost to me. I receive no monetary compensation for my open and unbiased review. All opinions are mine.  

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