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Eerie Eyed Wreath and Printables

eerie eye spider wreath

I 'm pretty sure I saw this project in a family magazine like Woman's Day or Family Circle.  I always get suckered into buying any magazine with pumpkins or Halloween on it when I'm in the checkout lane.  It's like they look at me with puppy dog eyes and beg me to buy them.  Little do they know that they'll soon be under the knife (okay! scissors) and their pages stripped from their bindings to be placed in my Halloween project scrap book.  

The inspiration eye wreath was massively covered in googly eyes.  The entire wreath was a massive bunch of staring eyes!  I don't have that kind of patience or that many googly eyes in my possession so I picked out a sickly colored wreath that I wouldn't mind peeking through the eyes.  It found it in the dollar spot at Target.  I think its supposed to be for Thanksgiving decorating.  Isn't it ugly?  Definitely prettier as a Halloween wreath.

eerie eye spider wreath

For this project you'll need:

Glue Gun and glue sticks
One icky colored Styrofoam wreath (if you can't find the color you want just wrap the wreath with some crepe paper in desired hue before gluing on eyes, spider, etc.)
3 packages of Googly Eyes multiple sizes (about 300 eyes total)
Plastic spiders
Ribbon for hanging wreath

eerie eye spider wreath

The first thing I did was remove the backing off of the larger eyes. I learned early on that this is a step not to skip because my hot glue would just pop off of the eye. The backs of them are pretty slippery. I thought about using craft/tacky glue but figured it might just slide off. feel free to try out your favorite glue, but I certainly wouldn't recommend straight up Elmer's white school glue.

eerie eye spider wreath

After removing the backs use your glue gun to attatch all the large eyes in a random pattern all over the wreath. The proceed with gluing on the next largest, etc. Try not to leave too many large gaps (or burn your fingers!)

eerie eye spider wreath 

After attaching as many eyes as you can stand (and your fingers can stand), find some plastic spiders and affix to the wreath with more hot glue. The spiders are totally optional. You can glue what ever you want onto to your wreath except your fingers. I'm not responsible for any glue gun-related finger accidents.   
 eerie eye spider wreath

If your satisfied with your wreath, you have only to find a suitable ribbon from which to hand your wreath from. I had to resort raiding my gift ribbon to hang up mine. Christmas Creep ruined my chances for finding appropriately themed ribbon. Next year I hope to find some black and purple ribbon.

If I had next year's calender I would put a note on September's page to remember to go Halloween shopping now because it's too hard find Halloween themed items when it's actually Halloween...I hate you Christmas Creep.

My Haunted Home 2012

If making a wreath covered with tiny googly eyes is just too daunting a project for you could just download these printables I made. I hung them up with plastic spiders glued to magnets. I have a random metal wall in my living room because that is where our a/c resides. I think the creepy spiders suit it well due to it's inherently evil nature. Ruined two end tables and the wall when it randomly started leaking water. Stupid a/c.

I made the images in picmonkey and used quotes from some of my favorite Halloween movies. Print them out on card stock and be sure to adjust the settings on your printer so that the image will not be cut off.

Halloween Word Art 

The move The Worst Witch is very much like Harry Potter except that it came first and stars a female lead who cannot get anything right.  It also features Tim Curry singing a horribly cheesy song.  Actually the whole movie is cheesy but that doesn't stop me from quoting it (or watching it!).

Halloween Word Art

I love the movie based on Something Wicked this Way Comes by Ray Bradbury.  It's very spooky!

Halloween Word Art
My favorite Halloween movie of all time is Hocus Pocus.  I love Bette Midler and my goal is to one day make me a costume based on her character Winifred Sanders.  The singing and costumes are awesome!

Halloween Word Art 

And it's certainly not Halloween with out a little Jack Skellington!  The Nightmare Before Christmas is on my must watch every Halloween.  If only Walt Disney World would re-theme their Haunted Mansion like they do at Disneyland.  Guess I just need to make a trip to California.
More of my favorite "Halloween" movies:

Spaced Invaders
Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
The Monster Squad
Practical Magic 
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Sleepy Hollow
Army of Darkness
Rosemary's Baby

I tend to watch whimsical Halloween movies.  You know, the ones geared towards children/family.  I don't like blood, gore and guts so no Saw movies and definitely no Chucky or Michael Myers.  Those movies terrified me as a child!  I'd really like tp grab my mother by her shoulders and yell. "Why?!  Why did you let me watch Hellraiser?!"  I think I was in first grade?  Never seen it since then but I can still vividly recollect scenes from that movie. I'm pretty sure I begged to stay up and watch it or something.

My mom loves scary movies.  I don't, not really.  Those few on the list like Carrie and Dracula, etc are the only ones I can really tolerate.  I can't watch anything with Communion type aliens (or Christopher Walken) either.  I get the heebie jeebies and can't go to sleep afterwards.

So that's my list.  Got any favorites that you just have to watch every Halloween or just can't stand to watch because they creep you out too much?

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