Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Fair Evening

County Fair 2013 (7)

A couple weeks ago I finally manged to convince my husband to take me to the fair.  He tried to convince me to go by myself which wasn't happening.  His first excuse was that he was sick, and he was, so I tried not to pester him too much.  Unfortunately for him every morning while watching the news the advertised the hell out of this thing.  Also, I was overdue for some fun and I love thrill rides.  Poor hubby not so much.  Splash Mountain at Walt Disney is his upper limit.  He'll do Everest at Animal Kingdom with me but he's a shaky mess afterwards and he'll never ever do Hollywood Tower of Tower or Rock 'n Roller Coaster with me.

PicMonkey Collage

Immediately upon entering the fair I checked out all the rides to see which one would be the most fun.  I chose this one above just because they were playing some Ace of Base and other 90s favs.  I really wanted to ride the swings but they were closed due to the windiness.  I wish I could have ridden all the rides but the tickets were pricey and we too late to buy arm bands.  This ride goes upside down.  Peter says I'm crazy, I say my hair was a crazy mess afterwards=P

County Fair 2013 (17)

Afterwards we played on the bumper cars, Peter's favorite.  Then, despite the windy cold weather, we dared the ferris wheel.  We were meat popsicles by the time we got off that thing!  I took some neat pictures though and it was a great opportunity to snuggle.

County Fair 2013 (10)

I was amazed that we could see downtown Orlando from the ferris wheel.  The sun was setting too and was gorgeous.  I just wish it could have set a bit latter because I knew we would have to go due to the cold.  On the plus side the lines were very short!

County Fair 2013 (14)

We warmed up with some funnel cake.  I keep trying to make funnel cake but haven't had any success yet. *sigh*  As predicted as soon as the sun set it got very cold.  I would choose the coldest day of the week to go to the fair.  We went into the expo area to finish our funnel cake and check out the 4H projects and art.  I got to pet a guinea pig, yay! 

County Fair 2013 (19)

We left around 7pm I think. I'm glad I got that out of my system but I really need to ride some roller coasters. It's warmed up a whole lot since that night too. Right now its 80 something. Figures. At least I got me some funnel cake.  I haven't been to a County Fair in ages and it was fun to get out and do something.

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