Thursday, February 14, 2013

Reasons I Love My Husband

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  In honor of mushy love I dedicate this post to my wonderful husband Peter, who makes sure to tell everyday that he loves me and that I am a wonderful person even when I don't want to hear it or I'm in a bad mood.  Sweetie, here are:


1. You always remember which ear I am deaf in and move around to my good ear in every situation: walking together, eating at a resturant, always letting me drive.  Oh.  Wait.  You let me drive because I'm a control freak and despite my road rage.  Your awesome, you know that right?

2.  Not only don’t you put up with my negative body image issues – you actively work to combat them.  Your constantly telling me how beautiful I am and I hope you never stop because I'm not sure when (if I can) I'll stop comparing myself to Hollywood bombshells.

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3.  You buy me flowers every Valentine's Day and you don't mind when I randomly buy flowers for myself.  You always pick out the prettiest bouquets, I wish I could keep them forever!

4.  You like to play with my hair.  I love your hands in my hair, it's so relaxing.  Too bad you don't know how to french braid;)

5. You’ve turned me into someone who likes snuggling.  I'll be honest.  Before I met you I didn't like to be hugged or touched really but now I can't go without some daily snorgling.  I especially like it when you purr like a cat because your silly like that.


6. You like to do geeky things with like eat at Medieval Times or going to Megacon.  We play video games and board games together. I can say something random and you 'get it' (unless it's from Mean Girls because for some reason I can't get you to sit still and watch it).

7.  You're totally scared of spiders but not snakes or lizards.  Which is a good thing because as you know lizards belong outside and you're able to gently return them to their natural habitat when they are staring me down while I'm on the toilet or washing dishes.  Sorry my screamy yelps frighten you, I don't like lizards out of context and no we can never have a pet snake.


8.  I love that you miss me, even if I saw you a few hours ago.  Our work schedules suck sometimes don't they? 

9. You let me take pictures of our dinner, at home or at a restaurant. Sometimes you even help me out on my blog by writing a guest post, being my guinea pig or just holding the light source or camera.

10.  You don't mind that I sleep with a purple stuffed rabbit named Mr. Bunny and when I can't find him in the middle of the night you find him for me.  I love your penguin collection and you don't mind that I display them in our bathroom (because they're warm water penguins).

So in conclusion, I love you Mr. Penguin.  Always and forever.



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  1. Heather, this is so sweet! Makes me wish I had someone special in my life. You guys are such an awesome couple.