Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake

Dandy Meyer Lemon Cake

I don't know if I've ever you told you this, but my husband is a weird one.  He won't eat a orange or clementine (even the Cutie brand!) straight up but he'll sit there and cut open a Meyer lemon and suck on it.  He believes we should always have lemons (and limes) just hanging around.  Of course I'll buy some but more often then not they just end up wrinkled and old!

Dandy Meyer Lemon Cake
Meyer lemons,sugar (not pictured),all-purpose flour (not pictured),salt (not pictured) eggs,milk,butter

I do have to admit that I love buying citrus.  It's so pretty!  Bright yellows and orange.  They smell delicious too, especially in the middle of winter.  I can eat a whole bag of cutie clementines in one sitting!  My tongue hates me and I get a horrible case of heartburn but I just can't stop eating them.

Dandy Meyer Lemon Cake
Sugar, flour and salt in one bowl and the yolks, milk, butter, lemon zest and juice in another

I originally intended to make a lemon creme brulee with these lemons.  Peter has been begging me to make him some ever since I bought some ramekins.  Unfortunately, my eggs were bad.  I cracked them open, separated them and all seemed well.  The I started stirring them up and  OMG!  worst smell ever!  It smelled like rotting chicken.  I've never had eggs go that bad on me, ever.

Dandy Meyer Lemon Cake
Add flour mixture to lemon mixture and stirr

I felt bad that my honey wouldn't get his creme brulees  but I just wasn't up to all the egg separating again.  Instead I found this Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake recipe on the back of my bag of Meyer lemons.

Dandy Meyer Lemon Cake
Beat egg whites with electric mixer until soft peaks form

Actually when I read the title of the recipe I missed the whole pudding part of it's description.  A minor oversight I suppose but when your expecting a cake and you get pudding and a cake it's quite the surprise.

Dandy Meyer Lemon Cake
Gently fold in egg whites into batter

After the cake had come out of the oven a cooled off I was very surprised by how kind of runny it was in the middle and sort of freaked out.  Two baking disasters in one day?  Really?!  So I take a look at my recipe again to trouble shoot and realize that everything is all right because it's a pudding cake and not a sponge cake like I first thought.  Interesting.
Dandy Meyer Lemon Cake
Bake until puffed and golden

So being the adventurous eater that I am I force my husband to try it out first. He was a bit confused too but assured that I wasn't trying to poison him he took a bite and didn't die.  The cake is very yummy.  I would have liked it a bit more on the sour side but Meyer lemons are kind of on the sweeter side so that might not be very possible.  If I make it again I'm going to add a wee bit less sugar.

Dandy Meyer Lemon Cake
Sprinkle with some powdered sugar and dig in!

If your interested in making this pudding cake yourself you can check out the recipe here.  I didn't make any changes and made just as the direction on the back of my bag instructed me to.

Link to Recipe:  Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake


  1. Isn't it amazing what can come out of a frustrating situation? This cake looks delicious and the casual pudding/sponge consistency would make the perfect mid-week dessert. I'll have to add this to my "must-bake" list, thanks for sharing!

    PS I found you through the link party at Skip to my Lou.

    1. What's even more frustrating is frozen eggs. Eggs really hate me lately, lol!

  2. Found you on Skip to My Lou- this sounds delicious. I am a new follower!


  3. Replies
    1. I like lemon ( I really love their smell) and my hubby really really loves lemons, lol!