Monday, August 13, 2012

Bzz Agent Review: Bic Soleil Savvy Razor

Recently Bzzagent sent me a nifty new razor to test out and review. I'm pretty habitual when it comes to what I buy to shave my legs. I have rarely switch razors and usually only when I receive a free sample. Before trying out this razor I used Bic Silky Touch disposable razors. They're cheap, disposable and do their job. No nonsense, just like me.

Bic Razors3

I have to admit that they are a bare bones razor and unless you use some good shaving cream they can leave your skin dry. So I'm happy to say I was ready to try something new! The Bic Soleil Savvy razor is pretty awesome. I received one razor with four cartridges, some coupons to share and a little booklet with shaving tips.

Bic Razors2

This Savvy is like a disposable and reusable in one. Instead of throwing out the whole razor you switch out the blades for a new one. When you run out of blades you toss the handle and buy a new one. Blades are not sold separately. They are pretty affordable and the blade stays sharper longer than my previous razors did.

I ran out of shaving cream one night and I am pleased to say that this razor did not leave me with razor burned legs by doing without. Just a little soap and water and I got a close shave and silky soft legs! I still like using shave cream but now I won't freak out when I run out. (Tip: if you run out use hair conditioner instead, it works awesomely.)

I have to admit that the Savvy is a bit pricey but when I compare it's feature to the features of my usual razor I think it's worth the price. My old razor has a twin blade, and well, that's about it. They do come in multiple cute pastel colors and at about $4.00 for 10 are an economical purchase.

The Savvy on the other hand has 3 blades, a lubricating strip, a pivoting head and a rubber grip on the handle. They run about 6.50 for 1 handle with 4 blades. They last longer than my old razor and leave my legs nice and smooth without the risk of major razor burn.

Bic Razors

The coupon they provided me to give out to my friends really makes giving the razor a try worth it. I'll be keeping me eye out for coupons for this product in the future but the benefits out way the price and I will definitely be buying this razor again when my blades run out.

Disclosure:  I am a BzzAgent and received these products from for review at no cost to me. I receive no monetary compensation for my open and unbiased review. All opinions are mine.

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