Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pin All the Things 8/5/12 {Nostalgia}

Recently my sister posted to her facebook wondering what ever happened to Kool-aid points.  I haven't made a pack of Kool-Aid in so long that I don't know when they got rid of the points.  This makes me sad.  I never was able to save up for anything as a kid.  We did have a set of cups and the Kool-Aid man pitcher though.  I seem to recall that our family gave them out as Halloween treats one year because they were really cheap and came packaged with 2-3 flavor packets.

As a result of all this Kool-Aid talk I recalled that I had been unable to find my favorite flavor lately.  I bought some a couple years ago and pretty much wiped Sedano's out of the flavor as they had it on clearance.  A red flag that they would no longer be carrying it anymore.  Sure enough, no more Blue Raspberry Lemonade.  Sad face.  This explains why I haven't been making Kool-Aid.  I do like Tropical Punch and Black Cherry but have opted to drink Crystal Light Pink Lemonade.  Mostly so I don't have to measure out sugar or Splenda.  I'm lazy.  We've established this.

Luckily I have the awesomest husband on the planet and he insisted on finding me some on Amazon.  I was pretty sure that it would be old product but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived.

It wasn't outdated and it was mine!  All mine!  *evil laughter*  Oh yeah, I checked.  No Kool-Aid points.  What's up with that?!

I immediately went out and got me some Splenda like substance to mix me up some Kool-Aid.  I'm on a diet.  No real sugar for me!  I was kind of worried about how it would taste after so long but it was just as I remembered.  Delicious!  Good thing, because I have 95 packets left.  I'll be drinking it for a long time!

This got me thinking about other things from my childhood that I miss/remember.  As a result the Pinterest category was born: Nostalgia.  I'll be pinning old school toys, shows and whatever as I find them or they occur to me. So far I have:

I have distinct memories of this pony.  I seem to recall having one with a banana split or ice cream parfait on her rump and she smelled like vanilla.

I also recall this one because I called her Swifty and later named my first dog after her.  That dog was so cute and I loved her even though I didn't have her long.  She was a red-brown cocker spaniel.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I've been looking for a set because I want future child to have one just like I did.  They still make this purse set but it isn't the same.  The colors are pink and purple and the accessories have faces on them.  Creepy.

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

My mom would put my hair up in pigtails with some of these for decoration.  I also remember having hair tie that were this cottony/yarney material and some that had big bubblegum ball looking things.  I'm sure if I went to the drugstore I could find some variation on these.   Surely little girls still like them?

What do you have found memories of?

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