Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Use the Loofah Subway Art

Use the Loofah Canvas

My husband keeps making me smile.  We saw a Method soap commercial on youtube that just left us in stitches.  Now all my hubby has to do is whisper "Use the Loofah" to get me to smile.  If you haven't seen the commercial, it's mildly disturbing and depending on where you work maybe NSFW:

I don't find the message disturbing. I can't wrap my mind on the fact that she still gets into the shower. I'm pretty sure I'd be majorly freaked out and refuse to shower until they vacated the premises. Okay, I'm thinking about this very unreal scenario too much. It's meant to be humorous and it is. The bubbles crack me up!

Anyways, I was so inspired by this commercial and my husband's constant repeat of the bubble litany to "Use the Loofah" I decided to make some art for my bathroom.

This project would have been much easier to complete with one of those fancy schmancy Silhouette machines and some vinyl letters but those things are expensive and to be honest, it would probably just collect dust in my house if I could even find someplace to store it. I still want one though *pouts*

Use the Loofah Canvas

I grabbed one of the canvases that my mother in law so graciously bought me sometime ago for my birthday. I still have a ton of canvas. I feel bad. Maybe I need to paint more. Yeah. I do.

I used some Matte Medium to cover my canvas in phone book pages. They have a ton by our mailboxes at my apartment complex. No one wants them! I can think of no better use for them than making an excellent base to paint on. It adds so much texture to the canvas. Me likey!

Use the Loofah Canvas

here is the stuff I used. I got it at Jo-Anne with a coupon. This stuff wasn't cheap. I like it better than modge podge though. I also bought some white gesso for the next step.

I covered the whole canvas in the white gesso and let it dry.

Use the Loofah Canvas

Then I got out my acrylic paints. I used some orange and yellow mixed with some of the matte medium to thin it out a bit so I could get really good and blended where the colors meet. My bathroom is orange, yellow and black. We have a lot of penguins and a few rubber duckies.

I made bubbles by tracing around various circular objects around my house and then added highlights to make them look bubblier. Then I typed up my words in a good thick font and then printed them off my computer. I cut them to fit my canvas and flipped them over to rub pencil on the back. Then I was able to trace around the letter transfer them to where I wanted them on the canvas. It was easy to paint my letters with that guideline. If you get up close you can see I didn't have a very steady hand but it works.

Viola! Art for my bathroom.

Use the Loofah Canvas

*whispers* Use the Loofah.

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  1. Wow. That commercial is a little more than mildly disturbing... lol!