Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Baby Shower Cake

Weston Shower

My co-worker asked me to make her daughter's baby shower cake! When I saw the inspiration photos I was so excited. I love fall and pumpkins!

The Inspiration:

This cake is so adorable but I knew it was beyond my current skills. I certainly didn't want to promise such an elaborate cake and then not be able to deliver.

What I ended up doing was something similar to this but less fondant and more butter cream icing. Cream cheese butter cream to be exact.  I had a picture of a cake more similar but I was unable to find it again.

Weston Shower

Making a rice krispie sculpture is a new skill for me.  I found a lot of helpful tutorials out there.  This one being the most helpful.  I would have never thought to smooth out my krispie treats with chocolate coating!

They also wanted some pumpkin cake pops.  Of everything made these were the easiest.  I used a jelly bean for the stem.  I did get upset to find almost all the pops cracked the next morning.  Thankfully the 16 I needed for the baby shower were unscathed.

Weston Shower

After decorating with leaves and vines none of the cake pops looked cracked.  I gave the extras to co-workers for Halloween=)

Weston Shower

They day of transport was a harrowing one for me.  The sun hit that butter cream and the cake just began to melt!  I had my a/c cranked up high but by the time I got to the party I had to do some reconstructive work.  The base was a little messy but the details were fine.

Weston Shower

Transporting the cake pops was actually most frustrating.  They kept falling over and their sticks got tangled together.  Serves me right for trying to travel with them upright!

Weston Shower

The house was adorably decorated.  Fall everything and Thanksgiving food.  Yum!  What a great way to feed a crowd.  It smelled delicious!

This cake was so good too!  I had made an extra layer just in case I messed up.  Since I didn't mess up I got to eat it and the extra cream cheese butter cream frosting.  It was very rich cake so I couldn't eat much.  My little cake ended up being the messy one.  I torted it and it fell apart!  Oh well.  Still yum in my tummy.

I'll be posting the recipe later this week if your interested in making a pumpkin spice cake yourself.  It would be a wonderful dessert to serve on Thanksgiving.

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