Thursday, November 29, 2012

Feeling Snackish? {Pringles Tasting and Project}


SO walking through Wally World minding my own business when suddenly I stumble upon some Pringles.  (no, really, I sort of fell over them my Walmart places a crap ton of product in the middle of the aisles).  I was there for some milk but brought home some weird flavored chips instead.  

I also found some weird flavored Pringles at my Target too.  I have never been so eager to eat potato chips in my whole life.  I rushed home and shoved them in my husband's face so he would believe me when I told him what the flavors are.

Taste test time:

"Each crisp is lightly dusted with real cinnamon and sugar, making each bite a salty-sweet sensation"

Cinnamon & Sugar Pringles taste like churros.  Not weird at all.  They really do not taste like potato chips!

"A warm blend of cinnamon and pumpkin flavor coats every crisp, delivering the sweet and spicy feeling of autumn in every bite." 
Of all the flavors we tried these were our favorite.  If your expecting pumpkin you'll be pleasantly disappointed (or not).  These actually taste like sweet potato fries!

"The classic holiday blend of cool peppermint and smooth white chocolate flavors delivers unique crisp combination."
White Chocolate Peppermint...not my favorite!  In fact they are patiently waiting for someone to finish them off.  I think that person will be my husband.  He seems to like them. The only flavor I could taste was peppermint.  It's very overwhelming.  It was like eating a peppermint candy and made your mouth feel just brushed.  Mmm, toothpaste Pringles.  Bleh!

I also spotted some French Onion Pringles which I had never seen before.  I really loved them!  Just like the sour cream and onion but more intense.  We usually buy the Cheddar Cheese ones and Honey Mustard with the occasional BBQ thrown in for good measure.

So now that you've eaten a crap ton of Pringles you probably have a crap ton of empty Pringle cans.  Don't throw them away!  Recycle them!

Source: via Heather on Pinterest

I found this neat-o tutorial for transforming empty Pringle cans into nifty cookie containers suitable for gift giving.


It's a real simple project.  All you need is some tape or glue, your favorite wrapping paper and ribbon and some wrapping skills.

Instead of buying cookie containers just recycle.  Just be sure to rinse out your container first though! No one wants a sour cream and onion flavored chocolate chip cookie. Ick!

You may want to get your Pringle eating done asap so you can prepare for next month's 12 days of sweets!  I'll be blogging 3xs a week to show off my favorite cookie and candy recipes:

Christmas Treats Title

So stayed tuned, it all starts December 5th!  I feel fat already.

Note:  No one paid me to review these chips.  All opinions are my own.  I just like trying new things=)


  1. I'm not a big pringles fan, but when something tastes like sweet potato fries (I'm a fan), it's much more tempting! I love the craft you did with them!

    1. Pringles do seem to be one of those things people either like or hate, lol! They're certainly not really potato chips, more like compacted dehydrated potato which isn't very appetizing sounding at all.

      Glad you enjoyed the craft though!