Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup 2012


I don't know what you have planned for Thanksgiving but I can tell you I plan on serving more than just popcorn and toast.

I don't have many recipes for Holiday food on this blog but I do have a very large Thanksgiving Pinterest board.  There are so many delicious looking recipes out there that I just can't decide what I want to make this year!

Here are some of my favorites, from my blog and from around the interwebz:

The Main Dish

I'm very traditional so I'm only thinking about Turkey.  Why do we relagate turkey to just the Holidays?  I found so many good recipes I plan on making turkey any ole time, especially this crock-pot version:

I also found a crock-pot ham! How easy is that?

Side Dishes

The sides are my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal  There are just so many to chose from and sometimes the only time of the year I get to eat them. Not sure why that is.  Maybe it's time to change that?

Broccoli Cheese Casserole
My family will often make this casserole a side dish by omitting the chicken.  It also makes a great dish to make using leftover turkey the next day.

I love sweet potatoes!  Usually the ones smothered in marshmallows and candied pecans.  Not to healthy.  Sadly I'm the only one in this house who likes them.  Sweet potato fries on the other hand are a beloved favorite of my husband's.  This seems like a good compromise.

Mashed potatoes forever!  I usually make the Pioneer Woman's  Creamy Mashed Potatoes but I'm going to give this recipe a try this year.  I have some cute ramekins I want to show off!

I'm going to honest.  I love the jellied canned cranberry sauce.  I can eat it straight from the can as long as it's been chilled a bit.  While looking for healthier Thanksgiving recipes I came across this one from Hungry Girl.  All the recipes I have tried from her books and website have been yummy so I'm sure this one will be to.

This salad looks absolutely divine!  I can't wait to stuff some in my pie hole!

If these are anything like the cafeteria rolls I remember I'll be making them all the time.  Those rolls were better than Hawaiian Rolls hands down. They were the best for making chicken nugget sandwiches and I loved it when the lunch ladies would jazz them up with some raisins and cinnamon.  So yum!


Usually  dessert takes the back burner at my house because by the time we're done eating we are all on the couch doing the turtle (on our backs unable to move).  Eventually that evening we would make it to dessert: pumpkin pie, pecan pie and the occasional cheesecake or apple pie.  Nothing too fancy.

This cake is very moist and delicious.  No fancy decorating required but if you have some time and want to make some fondant pumpkins they'd look awful cute on this cake.

These would be adorable as place markers:  make every guest an individual pumpkin to place on their plate or beside it with their name piped on it.  Viola!  An edible place marker!

My uncle makes the best pumpkin cheesecake.  I need to get that recipe from him.  Wait.  No I don't.  Cheesecake is evil.  So evil I'd eat the whole think by myself.  Think I'll give this HG recipe a try instead.  Might be safer!

Well that looks like a well laid Thanksgiving table.  The only thing missing?  The stuffing (or dressing).  Guess what.  Not my thing.  I really dislike stuffing.  SO your mission.  Should you chose to accept it.  Is to get out their and find a recipe you like.  Happy hunting and Happy Thanksgiving!

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