Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mikado & Japan Festival 2012

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Last weekend I forced my husband out of bed, made him get dressed and bundled him into the car for an adventure.  I also convinced my roommate to come along (after he made me tell him where we were going to go...I guess he doesn't trust me as much as my husband does?).

My husband was so excited when we drove into area where a Japanese Festival was being held.  It was a small festival but big on entertainment and, best of all, free!  Well, sort of.  We did buy food and I bought a cute pair of earrings:

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Aren't they cute?  I was head to toe purple that day!  When I saw them I just knew I must have them.  I was pretty much sold when the lady selling them let me know that the proceeds go to help Japan Tsunami children.  If you can't tell they're origami cranes that have been dipped into resin.  Very kawaii! (That's Japanese for cute btw).

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I of course forgot my camera.  Which is sad because there was plenty to photograph.  Ladies in their kimono and some adorably crazy cosplay.  We saw a great Porco Rosso.

The highlight of the day was listening to some Taiko drummers.  They were very entertaining and the music was awesome.  Right after that was a silk aerial act and there was also more Japanese musicians and dancing throughout the day as well as wonderful food vendors.

Poor Peter *just* missed out on getting some takoyaki (octopus dumpling).  He was devastated.  We did get to eat some taiyaki which are fish shaped pancakes with red bean past inside.  We had some other wonderful food but were in the mood for some sushi.

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They're were plenty of vendors offerring sushi but by this time we were hot and a bit sunburn from watch the drummers and decided we wanted to be in the a/c.  One of the vendors restaurant just happened to be right next door to the festival.  I was so glad to be out of the heat!

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I don't usually get craving for sushi and in fact I really don't care for it that much but for some reason I was really in the mood for some.  I don't like raw fish so I got some with tempura fried shrimp in it.  Jason's (above) was a bit too much food for him to eat so I tried a bit of the sushi with eel in it.  It wasn't what I expected.  I liked it!

Food Photos 092

Peter got some sort of Hawaiian roll.  It had pineapple and salmon.  I refused to sample it despite him begging me to give it a whirl.  My loss I'm sure.

Food Photos 091

I really enjoyed my meal.  I paired my sushi with an onion soup.  It was a very meaty broth with mushrooms and tempura friend onions in it.  I have a feeling next time I get a cold I'll be sending Peter out for that soup.  It was so delicious and comforting.

Mikado is a bit pricey but the food and service was terrific.  It's a small restaurant and pretty busy the day we went because of the festival I imagine.  They have a large menu full of sushi, tempura and even hibachi.  I really want to go back again.

I can't wait till next years festival.  We'll arrive early and most likely in costume next year.  I also hope I remember my camera!

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