Thursday, April 26, 2012

Livin' La Vida Taco {Taco Bell Review}

Taco Bell (4)

I came home from work all set to make some Salisbury steak for dinner.  What I didn't count on was my roommate forcing my husband to go eat some Vietnamese food.  Okay, I'm sure he wasn't forced.  In fact I'm pretty sure he was overjoyed to accommodate our roommate's request.  Except I had already made plans for dinner.  As you can imagine I was pretty ticked off.  I made this known by throwing a fit similar to this 3 year old child:

True Story.  The weight of having to choosing a Lean Cuisine out of the freezer, unwrapping it and placing it in the microwave was just too damn heavy.

At this point my lovely husband offers to get me some food from somewhere, anywhere as long as I get off the floor and stop throwing a fit.  (It's too heavy!)  I can't ever easily decided which fast food joint to eat at.

I finally settled on Taco Bell.  Why?  Because they have a new taco.  An eye blinding atomic orange
creation with Doritos on the label.  The Doritos Locos Taco.  Yes, I believe I am crazy.  Why do you ask?

Taco Bell (5)

Anything covered in Doritos cheese dust has gotta be awesome.  I don't even mind that the dust turns my fingers bright orange.  Because I don't mind licking my fingers to get the cheesy goodness off.

Taco Bell (6)

Cheesy cheese dust fingers not your thing? Not to worry. It comes in a nifty cardboard carrier that can help prevent your fingers from even touching the stuff.

Taco Bell (9)

Other than the nacho cheese coating on the crunchy taco shell there is nothing exciting about this taco. It has the same meat filling, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream toppings as there traditional crunchy beef tacos. Which is no bad thing.

Taco Bell (10)

Peter bought one too even though he was too full from his awesome lunch at the Vietnamese place just because he was curious. His opinion. Meh.  But that could be because he was still too full.

Will I purchase this particular taco again?  Probably not.  That's because when I go to Taco Bell, I go for the same thing each and every time:

 Taco Bell (11)

Tell it like it is Mr. Chalupa and then:  Get inside my bell-ay!

Taco Bell (13)

I had never eaten one of these things until I met my husband. I usually just got a couple soft tacos and some nachos. Then one day, Peter let me take a bite of his Chalupa. It was so good! I love the crispy chewy shell. So glad I have some will power I would eat one every day.

Taco Bell (15)

These caramel apple empanada thingies are pretty awesome too. I told Peter not to buy me one but he did anyways *grumble-grumble*

Taco Bell (17)

I've been on an apple and cinnamon kick for about a year now. Actually, mostly just cinnamon. Must have Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the pantry at all times!Peter's a weirdy and cinnamon is not his thing.

Taco Bell (3)

These must be new too. Or I haven't been to Taco Bell in awhile. They're limeaid sparklers and they come in plain classic or cherry (guess who had cherry). They taste just like the ones from Sonic which means they are pretty darn tasty.

Taco Bell (19)

I really enjoy going to Taco Bell. They're nothing special, it's just fast food but it tastes good. It's certainly a sometimes food so I don't advocate eating there all the time. They do offer a salsa type topping swap for the sour cream and cheese. I tried once. It has cilantro in it. I don't like soapy tacos.

Peter just picks off the healthy stuff:

Taco Bell (20)

Don't worry, I ate them for him because I'm awesome like that.

Thanks for taking me to Taco Bell sweetie=)

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  1. I love Taco Bell!! I think those sparklers have actually been around awhile, they just aren't promoted because they aren't new. I remember having one a couple of years ago.