Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pin All the Things! 4/15/12

I've done a lot of cooking this week!  Easter kept me pretty busy.  We went over to my husband's sister's home to meet their new baby.  He is adorable!  We fed them ham, cheesy potatoes and homemade Lion House rolls.  For dessert I created a strawberry lemonade cupcake which I will share later this week.  Speaking of dessert, have you tried the Baked brownie?  I posted about these last week and they really are delicious.  Yesterday found as at a co-worker's (un)birthday party.  I brought homemade pizza bites.  Pizza is always welcome at a party.

This week I pinned in:

To Be Cooked

The Baked brownie.  Sorry I just can't stop raving about this recipe.

These are the rolls I made for Easter dinner.  They require a bit of work but they are fun to make.  The dough is very easy to work with too.

These can be made with your homemade pizza dough or the store bought stuff.  They can also be made ahead of time and frozen or stored in the fridge before baking up for your chosen social event.  I'm make these to back in my work lunches.  Very portable and taste fine room temp.

Things to be Made

I'm a very organized person.  Even in the car!  This is a pouch that you can keep in the glove box to store insurance card, registration.  It can even hold a notebook.  I always keep a little journal of repairs made and when  took the car in for an oil change.  If I ever sell my car it will be easy to prove I kept up on repairs.

As soon as I can find a fabric that I can stand looking at for longer than a few weeks I'm going to make this mouse pad. One for home and one for the office.

Blogs I Love 

Stumbled upon this blog this week and found a lot of recipes that I would like to cook. Also, what a funny name! Yeah, I need to get off my butt and bake. It's a call to action.

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