Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pin All the Things 4/22/11

Happy Earth Day everyone!  If you live near a Target stop by today for a free reusable shopping bag.  I try to get one every year and have amassed quite the collection of reusable bags.  I have never paid a dime for any of them, even my snazzy insulated ones!  All you have to do is hit up environmental and health fairs.  There is one of each every year out on Courthouse Square which is really handy since I work at the Courthouse.  I try to remember to use my bags every time I go to the store because many retailers offer a 5 cent discount for each bag you've brought with you.  I also used to shop a lot at Aldi's.  Anyone familiar with that place knows that they charge per a bag if you decide you need one or you forgot your own.  Personally, if I forgot my bags I'd just throw my groceries in the trunk sans bags.  I like to live dangerously.

Besides using reusable bags I also try to be more Earth friendly by limiting my use of Ziplock baggies.  I own many different sizes of reusable containers so try to use them when ever humanly possible.  I don't but a lot of singe serve items.  I'll buy the huge bag and divvy it up into individual portions.  Cheaper that way too!  I also reuse plastic forks and spoons.  Well, actually, I do this because my husband can't stand eating with silverware.  He says it hurts his teeth.  He's weird like that.  We also switched out our light bulbs with those energy efficient ones. They are pretty pricy but they last a long time and pay for themselves in the long run.

What do you do to be more Earth friendly?

So in honor of Earth Day I'm sharing pins that reduce, reuse or recycle:

Ditch the plastic wrap (that tangles up on itself and refuses to stick anyways) and make some reusable bowl covers instead. 

Have an old playmat hanging around from child's younger years?  Jazz it up and convert it into feet saving kitchen mat!

These homemade Swiffer refills are a cinch to make.  I have made some for sweeping the floor and for dusting.  I used some fleece I had leftover from another sewing project but old dishtowels work well too.

Use empty toilet tissue rolls to start seedlings for your garden.  I only have a small container garden but I used this method to start some chives.  They're almost ready to be transplanted *squee*

New goal:  convert a few of my reusable shopping bag into reusable baggies.  I imagine you would use the bags that have that oilcloth kind of finish.  I'm also assuming that the initial bag should be food-safe.  Sometimes oil cloth is not.

There are a ton of tutorials out there and blogs devoted to greener living.  Check them out and commit to doing at least one thing this year towards making our planet a healthier, cleaner place to live.  Besides, it's not hard to do when your having fun doing it! (Unless your un-crafty I suppose.  I be sad for you).

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