Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pin All the Things! 4/1/12

Happy April everyone!  Anyone get any awesome pranks pulled on them today?  My husband has some rigged up to play on our roommate.  Hopefully I'm not in the same room when Foo Foo Cuddly-poops discovers that his bathroom faucet has been saran wrapped!

This week I was able to finally finish up some craft projects I had pinned.  Easter is right around the corner so I made a garland inspired by marshmallow peeps candy.  It was really simple:

I also finished up a quilt.  This project was frustrating because I couldn't find any freezer paper.  I had to use contact paper (like the stuff you would use to line a shelf).  It worked but it was a pain to remove later on.  Also, I left my pieced quilt on the table which got mistaken as the tablecloth overnight by my husband and my roommate.  It was all sorts of messed up.  I fixed it up as best as could but after everything got sewn together I found gaps.  I don't think I'll be giving this one as a gift but as a trail run it still came out pretty:

I actually didn't pin too much this week with all the crafting getting done.  I'm working on a new quilt from a book I bought some time ago.  It's a lot more complicated than the one pictured above and has a bit of embroidery too.  I found out my sis-in-law is having a baby girl so the plan is to gift the quilt to her.

This week:

Things to Be Cooked

A recipe for Weight Watcher Carrot Cake.  If my hubby didn't hate carrot cake I'd make some right now.  Yum-o!

Canning is something I really wish I could do.  My Mom has a garden and puts up homemade salsa and pickles every year.  The best I can do is cut up a cucumber to put in the jar with leftover pickle juice from the store.

Things to Be Made

This is such a clever idea.  I have one of these right outside my bathroom door to hold all my makeup and extra soaps, etc.  My bathroom is so tiny that it won't fit in there but its such an eyesore in the bedroom.  I just haven't found any scrapbook paper I like yet.

This is such a good idea too!  A lot better than struggling with saran wrap.  I keep pinning things like this so I should get off my butt and make this and some reusuable snack bags.

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