Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Which I Attend My First Booksigning

This past November I got to meat one of my favorite bloggers.  She has two blogs.  Cake Wrecks and Epbot and her name is Jen.  I have to read her Cake Wrecks everyday.  It's hilarious!  Epbot is fun too.  Full of geekery, disney and steampunk eyecandy.  So when I heard she was going to be at the Barnes & Noble I braved the traffic and headed downtown.

I have never been to a book signing.  My husband has quite a few books signed.  I don't normally care if a book is signed or not because I don't generally care who wrote the book as long as it is good.  Now that I follow a lot of bloggers it's different.  These are people I actually admire and feel like I know due to their daily postings.  Jen is hilarious and so is her husband.  She seems very approachable and I was so excited to meet her.   My husband also was excited on my behalf but sadly was unable to join me.  I felt weird going by myself because he is very chatty and I am so quiet.

John, Jen and me in our geekwear
I had a great time!  Besides signing books, Jen encourages  her fans to re-create their favorite wrecks in cupcake size.  I reproduced two Cake Wrecks:

Turkey from a can anyone?

The one on the left is the one I created from cupcakes and icing.  The one at right is the original picture submitted to Cake Wrecks.

The Coiled Craphound

My cupcake wrecks didn't take home any top honors but I didn't leave home empty handed.  I got a set of buttons:

Aren't they funny?  I also walked away with an Epbot button which is not pictured. And a slice of this yummy cake:

Jen gave a kick-ass presentation that left us all in stitches.  I seriously could have peed my pants with laughter.   After the presentation she signed books.  I had mine taunt my husband who was sad because he had to work while I went out and had fun.

Jen has two books out.  I have the Holiday Wreck edition.

It's good reading anytime of the year and we keep it out on the coffee table for a quick laugh because we don't drink coffee and our table is depressed.

If you haven't checked out Jen's blog I highly recommend them and if you ever get a chance to meet her do so.  She's fun and both she and her husband are very sweet.

P.S.  I parked right next to their car. Wait.  That sounds kind of stalkerish.  But it isn't I just happened to go out to my car at the same time Jen's hubby went to go get something.  I was just like *sweet*.  What a co-inky-dink!  Okay, I'm going to shut up now but getting my book signed was the highlight of the holidays for me, lol!


  1. Allison and I got to meet one of our favorite bloggers, (Rockstar Diaries) when we went to Washington, DC a couple years ago. It was cool cause we randomly ran into her. She and her husband were so approachable and sweet and genuine, which was really cool.