Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pin All the Things 5/20/12 {Organized}

Peter and me went grocery shopping today.  We do a major shopping trip every couple months where I stock up on meat.  Sunday is a good day to go to Target because they sometimes have some discounted meat.  This trip I went through the freezer to make room for the new stuff and discovered I had a lot more chicken than I thought we had.  We're going to be eating chicken for awhile, lol!

Now if I had stuck with my freezer inventory list this wouldn't have happened.  We don't have an abundance of room in our fridge, freezer and cabinets for bulk shopping.  It was a bit of a struggle to fit in the extra chicken.

I like to pretend I am organized but really I just like to make lists.  I'm weird like that.  I did straighten up the fridge and rearrange my fridge magnets to allow me to actually see my freezer inventory list.  Is it normal to have a fridge totally covered in magnets?  I really want some fruit shaped magnets.  I'd have to make some room though.  Not sure I could bring myself to toss any of the ones I have now.

This is what I pinned this week to help me obtain organizational nirvana:

Here are the freezer and pantry lists that I use.  has a lot of neat printables that can be used to create a home binder. 

I printed this out and had it laminated so I could use dry erase markers on it. I have it on my fridge at eye level. Not that my husband looks at it. Which is fair since I constantly ask what his work schedule is even though I could look on the calender.

Speaking of calenders. This website has very cute printable calenders. You could also pay for a calender set that it editable. She has a fitness printable featuring a doughnut working out. That one has to be purchased in her shop but it so adorable!

I finally went out and bought some storage containers for my sugar and flours. I don't have any clear label material to print these out on so I just used plain printer paper and attached them to my containers with packing tape. They look laminated on and should hold up pretty well.

I think this is a good idea. I even have some vinyl like material from a bed-in-bag set I could use to create the pockets.

And finally, I printable page to keep track of future blog posts. I hate think up something to blog about and then forgetting what the hell I was going to write about later on in the day, lol!

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