Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pin All the Things 5/13/12 {My Container Garden}

This week I pinned a lot of ideas for next year's garden.  I don't have a yard of my own because I live in an apartment which makes me sad.  I love giant gardens.  This year I planted a few veggies in pots and some herbs.  I'm always on the look out for cute ideas for doing a good job with my small space.

To give you an idea of what I'm working with I decided to share some pictures of my garden this year:

This is my front entrance.  I also have a screened in porch to the side of my apartment.  I have a hanging ivy and another small houseplant type plant that I keep there.  I like having my veggies and herbs out front though because I won't forget about them because I see them everyday coming and going.

Peter's mom got me the flamingo.  You can't see it but he has mickey ears.  I think he is supposed to be from Alice in Wonderland and she bought when we went to the Flower Festival at Epcot.  His name is Derpy.  That's an avocado tree I grew from a pit.  It's been surprisingly hardy and is about 3 years old.  That little pot is a poinsettia.  How I haven't killed it yet is beyond me!

In the large container I planted pineapple sage.  It smells so good! Just like a pineapple.  There is also some mint for tea.  The next pot is parsley which I use a lot.  The little pot is chives.  They're just getting started so no sour cream and chive potatoes just yet.

I'm really not a fan of tomato but something compelled me to plant a cherry tomato this year.  I'm glad I did.  It has been so fun watching this plant grow. 

Lookie!  My first lil tomatoes of the season.  They are cherry tomatoes so I imagine they'll start ripening soon.

This is an orange bell pepper.  I very rarely use bell pepper but every time I do have to buy one from the store I grumble about the price.  Not this year, lol!  I'll just chop up the extra and freeze.

It's so exciting seeing my plants thrive and grow and produce veggies and yumminess.  Can't wait to eat it up.

I also planted impatiens in a topsy turvy hoping to attract butterflies and humming birds.  All the veggies and my avocado tree are also surrounded by marigolds to try to keep the bugs away.  It seems to help.  That and all the lizards that hang out there.

Now that I've shown you my garden, I'll share what I have pinned for future gardening:

I'm guessing that these could be made with Sculpey clay. I love the woodland creatures theme!

No directions with this pin but I find it inspiring to see that carrots could be grown in a large pot. I love carrots!

This is such an awesome way to reuse those 2-liter pop bottles. They also water themselves. Step-by-step tutorial at the link.

This would totally work on my screened porch. I'd probably forget about them though (which is why I don't have many plants there!)

This is a someday project. I don't have the yard for this project (yet!) I love the whimsical colors and it saves a tire from going into the land field too.

For help planning your garden visit Sprout Robot.  It is a garden planning and calender tool that will email you when it is time to start planting and can even auto ship your seeds when it is time to start planting.  It's fun.

Any tips or tricks to share?  I'd love to hear about them!

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