Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smokin Blues, Bikes and BBQ 2012

Last weekend after Marching for Babies and being a semi-healthy good girl I passed a sign for a BBQ festival being held on the Lakefront.  My hubby loves BBQ and I love to eat so we hopped in the car to check it out.  It certainly wasn't what we expected.  The food was delicious, the music far from being blues and there were barely any bikes.  I think the time of day we decided to arrive may have been part of the problem.  5pm-ish and so hot!

Peter and our roommate bought their BBQ from Cowtown BBQ.  They really enjoyed it.

Peter got ribs.  His favorite food!  I swear if he could get me to he would have me make ribs almost everyday.  He also got mac & cheesed and some slaw.  But not the pineapple slaw which I was sad about because I really wanted to try some.  The sauce was sweet and vinegary.  Peter loved it but it wasn't my favorite.

Roomie got a brisket sandwich, baked beans and mac & cheese. He ate it up so I assume it was delicious.  It sure looks it!

I bought my BBQ based on price.  I think Two Crackers Cooking had the cheapest plates.  You get what you pay for!

I got the pulled pork plate with baked beans and potato salad.  The sandwich was pretty tasty.  The beans tasted like they came from a can and the potato salad had dill in it.  I hate dill unless it's a pickle.

This corn on the cob was the highlight of the trip.  It was so sweet and drenched with butter.  It was delicious.  I got corn juice all over but it was worth the mess!  We also picked up a couple lemon smashers.  Those were a bit disappointing but with the heat a welcome relief.

Here is the booth I got the corn on the cob.  Smitty's BBQ.  The white fence is where they held cornhole tournaments.  Not sure what cornhole is lol!

That about sums up the festival.  They had a pretty good band playing but it wasn't blues.  Mostly older rock played well.  The best part about the day-no crowds and no lines to wait in.  If we go again we'll wait til the sun sets.  Probably a bit more lively then.

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