Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Angry Birds are Angry

After making my Avenger themed cake pops I was asked if I could make some Angry Birds. If you haven't played the game you've probably at least heard of it (unless you live under a rock). The game is very cute and the birds were for a birthday party. I have seen a lot of Angry Bird party ideas on Pinterest so I figured it wouldn't be hard to find some inspiration for these pops.

Sure enough I found a whole Angry Bird cake pop tutorial on the blog The Girl Who Ate Everything. She used a lot of black licorice which I decided, at first, to try to avoid. Unfortunately my alternate ideas sucked. I really hate the taste of black licorice and figured most children do to. Oh well. They look cute and I figured it could be picked off it really was unpleasant.

angrybirds (24)

All the pops were made from yellow cake and vanilla icing. I had to get these done pretty quickly and by the time I would finish work and get the pop created it was dark outside. This is why I have no good pictures. As soon as I finished the pop I wrapped it up.

angrybirds (23)

I hated storing them in the fridge but I live in Florida and it has been very hot. The bad thing is when they start getting to room temp they get condensation on them. This doesn't affect taste it just looks unprofessional. Better that than falling off the stick I suppose!

angrybirds (25)

I used sprinkles, m&ms, red vine licorice and black licorice nibs to add details. I also used some really sucky Wilton icing pens. Wish I had read reviews on that before purchasing! They wouldn't write on the cake pops slick surfaces at all.

The pigs are my favorite. I wanted to make one with a crown on it's head but I just ran out of time (and patience!). These were the most frustrating and annoying cake pops I have ever made. I'm so glad that my co-worker loved them and they were a big hit at her party (which looked like a lot fun btw!).

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