Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Made you a Cookie...

but I eated it!

Dad's Cookies (15)

I had the brilliant, but not to well thought out, idea to make my Dad some cute decorated sugar cookies.  My problem?  My Dad lives all the way up in frackin' Illinois and my work schedule makes it almost impossible to get to the post office.  Which would only matter if I had a container to sip them in.  I really believe that they would have survived their journey too.  They are very sturdy cookie.  Instead I just sent my daddy a card.  *sadness*

Dad's Cookies (1)

I've been cyber stalking The Sweet Adventures of SugarBell for some time now and was very much inspired by the Hawaiian shirt cookies she made recently.  I've made decorated sugar cookies in the past, mostly for Christmas so I really felt like I could pull them off. 

Dad's Cookies (2)

I totally forgot that I have no patience though.  I'm always rushing through.  Also, my hands started shaking half way through the project.  Sloppy. sloppy, sloppy!  Despite the squiggly unstraight lines I still think they're cute.  They taste delicious too!  So glad I decided not try to replicate the Hawaiian shirts.  I really lack the proper equipment.  I didn't have cookie cutter (except for the little flowers)  so I had to make a pattern and hand cut each cookie.  Those cookies are so ragged underneath the icing it isn't funny.  Found out the hard way my oven bakes unevenly too. 

Dad's Cookies (3)

These would have been the perfect gift for my Dad.  We always seem to buy him stripey polo shirts to wear for some reason.  maybe because he looks nice in them?  I certainly couldn't imagine him in a Hawaiian shirt!  Hawaiian shirt are my husband's thing and his father wears them too.  My Dad does wear T-shirts too but that wouldn't have been as fun to replicate in icing. 

Sorry you have a lazy daughter who couldn't make it to the post office in time to get these deliver to you.  Love you and hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!

P.S.  I only ate a couple cookies.  I'm on a diet=P

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