Thursday, June 14, 2012

Avenger Themed Cake Pops


After passing out those Pinkie Pie cake pops around my workplace the word got out that I like to bake and decorate. One of my co-workers, MG, asked me if I could make her some cake pops for an Avengers themed birthday party. I love getting paid to be creative so I immediately said yes. She bought me the supplies and I brought my creativity!

She just wanted a simple cake pop with sprinkles and the ones she brought me we're very cute. I especially love the star sprinkles! I also happened to buy a silicone ice cube mold at Target that had star shapes. She didn't request but 24 round cake pops but I had some leftover cake mixture and decided to experiment with the star shapes.


They are adorable and came out and were not a pain to create at all. I just mushed the cake mixture into the mold. Popped them in the freezer to harden up. Pushed them out of the flexible mold and placed them in the fridge to thaw. I have many plans for that mold and I have since bought a few more silicone ice tray molds. Keep your on the dollar spot at Target. That's where I have been finding the cute ones!


MG also provided the round Styrofoam holder for the completed cake pops. She planned on painting it before using it to display the pops at the party. I made labels with the birthday boy's name and some of the character's from the Avengers. My favorite is Thor. He's nice on the eyes;)


Making labels is something I am not very good at yet. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for creating them on-line? Printing them out wasted a lot of card stock and I would like to eventually be able to use Avery self adhesive type labels.


After delivering these pops I have since received requests to make others. I can't wait to share them with you!


  1. very cute wish you lived closer someone i know has a 3rd birthday coming up and would love some cute cake pops!

    1. I know! I wish I could be there to make some for Jakey=(
      FYI Me and Peter will be up Sept 15-23=)