Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pin All the Things 6/2/12 {Hair-Dos}

This past week I blogged about a new shampoo and it really got me thinking that I really need to do something with my hair.  It's in that awkward growing out-I really need a hair cut phase.  I can't decide if I want to get it cut and styled the way I always do, or just let it grow out a bit so that it's long enough to put up in a bun without using a ton of bobby pins to wrangle in the shorter layers.

I really hate wearing my hair down in the summer months.  It's just so thick and makes my neck all sweaty.  I own a black car so no matter how high that a/c is cranked it's still hot as heck in that car.  Luckily I don't drive a lot ( I work like 15 minutes from home) but it's still unbearable at times.

I pinned around and found some cute (and easy!) hairstyles that would be great to wear to work and keep my hair from irritating me.  A couple of them I'll have to wait to my hair is a bit longer.  I'm incapable of using bobby pins right.  I just shake my head and they all fall out.  Annoying.

These are all Pinned under Beauty Tips:

I wore this one all the time when my hair was long enough. I could probably 'just' get my hair up in it. I like to wear my antique haircomb as an accent to this style. It shows it off so well. It looks complicated but this style is very easy.

I haven't had the opportunity to give this one a whirl yet but two braids twisted upon each other...c'mon, how hard could that be?

I would love to dye my hair but I'm too much of a chicken to commit to a color. This tip is perfect. I could choose a color and wash it out the same day if I didn't like it.

I'm going to consider this hairstyle especially if I get myself to the salon for that overdue haircut.

I keep looking around for more hair style tutorials but I haven't come across anything else that looked particularly easy or suited to medium length, curly/wavy, thick hair. Anybody have any beauty blogs they could recommend? I check out the Beauty Department daily and would like to find more blogs on a similar vein.

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