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Thai Thani {A Resturant Review}

Thai Thani1
Even the bathroom was pretty!
Peter's family was in town this past week and they graciously took us out to eat.  Our roommate suggested Thai Thani in Celebration, Fl because he loves Thai food and had recently eaten there with another friend of ours and enjoyed his meal.

Thai isn't my favorite genre of food.  I'm not sure why.  I guess I'm always uber worried about ordering something spicy.  This happened once.  My mouth was on fire.  Ends up my husband's dish and my dish got mixed up.  Didn't find out until he complained that his meal wasn't spicy enough, lol!  Thai is delicious but I think I have mentioned before that I am just not an adventurous eater.  Obviously I am not a fan of spicy either.  I'd rather have fried chicken and mashed potatoes personally.

Thai Thani2
From left to right: Phad Broccoli, Tom Yum Goong, Chicken Satay, Pot Stickers
I did enjoy this restaurant.  It was very calming and peaceful inside and the decor was beautiful. I love the golds and reds and there was beautiful artwork everywhere.  Even the tables were pretty.  They were sparkly and a golden brown bamboo color.  The dinnerware was already set up and was a simple white.  Can't go wrong with white.  Our meals came out on shapey plates.  Kind of a rounded triangle shaped plate.  Very nice.

Thai Thani3
From left to right: Curry, Phad Thai, Thai Noodle Soup, Phad Se-ew
Our waitress was very nice as well.  She remembered our roommate Jason from his previous visit!  All the staff were courteous and service was awesome.  It wasn't busy at all when we arrived around 6pm but by the time we left around dusk it was getting busy.  It seem to be an older crowd.  Being in Celebration I imagine they get a lot of tourist but since it is also a neighborhood I'm sure there were a lot of locals too.

Thai Thani4
From left to right: Jasmine rice, Bangkok Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice, Steamed Dumplings
They have indoor and outdoor seating.  I imagine more people eat outdoors at lunchtime. The neighboring restaurants had a lot of outdoor seating too and they were busy, especially for customers with dogs.   Thai Thani is located right by the roundabout and fountain near the Celebration Post Office.  It wasn't hard to find at all.

Food Photos 11

Our food was hot and delicious.  We ordered some appetizers to share and they arrived to our table before the main course.  Peter got some chicken satay skewers and his sister some pot stickers.  I only had some of the satay as I didn't want to fill up before my meal arrived.  It was very yummy and came with two dipping sauces.  It had a very light peanut butter flavor.  Peter's dad also ordered some soup.  It was very spicy!

firebomb dad
That's a one-a spicy meat-a-ball!
For my main course I ordered some chicken and broccoli.  More of a dish you would expect to find at the corner Chinese carryout place and I was fine with that.  Everyone's meals were arranged very prettily.  Peter wished he had ordered his spicier.  everything comes medium-mild unless you specifically request hotter.  Jason likes his very spicy.  He ate it all so it must have been delicious.  He had Peter's Dad try some hot pepper relish.  He seemed to like it for like a split second and then his eyes began to water and he reached for his drink.  Too funny!

Food Photos 074
Thai Thani 6/8/12
Our waitress was kind enough to snap this photo of all of us before we began eating.  I loved all the light and big windows in the restaurant.  It made it very easy to take photos. 

Food Photos 158
My sweetie and moi
Overall I had a good time at Thai Thani.  The prices are very reasonable and our roommate still loves Thai food so I am pretty confident we'll be back. I just enjoyed getting to hang out with family.  After we ate we walked around Celebration.  It's so beautiful.  I wish I could live there (maybe when I win the lottery!).  There are a ton more restaurants on main street so we plan on checking them out.  I'm already hungry just thinking about it!

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