Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diet Friendly Cakes

Okay!  I promised to post more often.  I have failed.  I try to post every Tuesday and Thursday but when wedding planning goes awry the blog goes to the wayside!  Another thing that goes out the door is my exercise routine.  Also, my healthy eating habits.  This is not good folks!  I have a dress I need to fit into comfortably on my wedding day.  I just need to lose a little.  A smidgen really.  I never intended to have to do this diet to fit into a dress thing but when I ordered my dress it arrived smaller than I expected.  Since the store is all the way in China I figured the safest bet was to lose the weight.

As a part of that goal I decided to research healthy dessert alternatives.  I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that vegetables are a healthy part of anybody's diet.  It was hard to find cakes made of vegetables besides the traditional carrot or zucchini.  Don't get me wrong those are delightful, but not exactly healthy.

So I present the following cakes for you perusal:  

Asparagus Cake from sweatapolita

The asparagus cake.  It's not easy being green, it's also not easy peeing green.  Well, I mean, it's difficult to look at.  Down right disturbing in fact.  This cake, however, is divine.  Gorgeous and certainly part of a healthy diet!

A basketful of Veggies from Happy Birthday Cakes

If asparagus isn't your thing I'm sure at least one of the veggies in either of these baskets will please your picky pallet!

Veggies I would love to eat from Ines Calis of Primo Cakes

They looked fresh picked from grandma's garden!  I wonder if they are organic?

A little Chicken too from  Layers of Love

Don't forget to add a little lean protein to your diet.  I think that might be a piece of chicken but I think it could pass for a piece of grilled tofu too!

A Garden of Yum! from Melissa at Delicious Meliscious

Like to pick your own?  Not a problem!  This garden looks to have all your veggie needs at the peak of perfection.

More garden Yum! posted by Lisa0311 at Cake Central

You might have to fight off the bunnies, but I see that a couple garden tools could help you defend your crop.  *hope it's chocolate for me*

  by Trina at Cake Couture 

If you need a little portion control these babies are for you.  Miniature cabbages  *squee!*

Mmmmm, chocolate *drool*  I mean Mmmmm, vegetables.  Maybe I could lose some weight if I didn't troll the internet for cakes shaped like veggies?  I see a slice of cake in my future.

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