Welcome to Dietetic Sinners!

Hi!  My name is Heather...

My husband Peter and I
I started this blog because my favoritest thing on the planet is food!  I love to look at food porn and my favorite channel is the Food Network.  I love trying new recipes and I am constantly finding recipes I want to replicate from my favorite blogs, cooking shows, and magazines.  I will also be sharing my family's favorite recipes that are tried and true and very delicious as well as my own unique creations.

One of my other obsession is Walt Disney World and eating out.  More specifically, eating at WDW.  There are just so many good places to eat.  I try to eat someplace and eating out new every time I venture into the parks which happens to be quite often.  I like taking pictures of my meals despite the weird stares of passersby who should be watching the 3 o'clock  parade and not me!  (just sayin'...)  I do eat out a lot and in places that are not as magical as WDW but just as delicious so I'll be sharing those experiences as well. 

I also am an avid crafter.  I like to paint, draw, sew and garden.  This blog is mainly devoted to food but I'll occasionally post about what I happen to be devoting my creative energy at that time.  I tend to not eat and drool over food when I'm busy quilting.  But only because I'd be devastated if I dripped caramel,  honey, chocolate or {insert drippy substance of choice} onto my project!

Why Dietetic Sinners?

I chose the name Dietetic Sinners because I am constantly battling delicious temptations.  As much as like food, cooking and eating, I do realize that it can be an unhealthy obsession.  I'm weak and can't fight temptation completely.  I think it's okay to fudge a little and cheat on our diets because I don't believe in dieting but lifestyle changes instead.  So everything in moderation right?

Connect With Me

Join me on facebook and pinterest or feel free to leave me a comment on any blog post.  I welcome all questions and input.  I can also be reached via email:  ahnka (at) hotmail (dot) com. 

I'm also a member of the TastyKitchen food community.