Thursday, June 25, 2015

Influenster Review: Purina ONE® Cat Food

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. All products were received free of charge from influentser and this post includes links to the webpages of products reviewed*

Recently I received a complimentary bag of the chicken and turkey Purina ONE Smartblend dry cat food from @Influenster and @Purinacats for their #ONEswitch campaign.  I also received a coupon for a free 3.5 bag of the product.

My kitty Pickles isn't a picky eater when it comes to kibble type food.  All kibble is her favorite and she is only picky when it comes to eating wet food.  It's gotta have gravy or she isn't touching it.  She's a weird one. I did worry that switching to a new food might upset her tummy, so I slowly introduced the new food to her by usuing it as a treat and then mixing it in gradually into her current food.  She is currently all switched over to the Purina One and no signs of upset tummy!

I'm not very picky when I pick out food for my kitty.  Honestly they all seem very similar and it's a bit overwhelming to go to the store and see that massive wall of brightly colored cat food products.  I don't read labels.  I read price tags.  If my kitty had any health issues that could be resolved with a better type of food I'd definitely pay more attention to the ingredients label. I do like the idea of my kitty eating healthier though and I'm happy to report that the Purina One food is certainly a step up from what she was eating.

The price for Purina One SmartBlend cat food is not high and comparable to what I'm usually buying.  Miss Pickles likes eating the Purina One and my pocket book doesn't mind so I'm going to be sticking with this cat food for now.

I love my kitty and I really want her to stick around for a long time. If my kitty is happy with the Purina One than so am I!  Not that we should always entertain our cat's notion happiness, especially when their idea of good eats are lizards, but it's hard to resist that kitty belly!