Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Quilt for Reilly Sue

ReillysQuilt (1) 

I haven't been doing much cooking lately because I have been super busy with non-food craft projects lately. My brother and his wife just had a baby girl and when they first told me they were expecting I just knew I had to make them something special. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Funny Story {Latkes}

Latkes (9)

My roommate and his family is Jewish. He isn't religious or anything but he does respect his family heritage and like to put out his menorah and celebrate Hanukkah. We keep saying we should just celebrate Festivus. So he has Menorah and my husband and I have our Christmas Tree and all is well.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pin All the Things 9/16/12 {Fall}

This week I'm blogging from Illinois.  Peter and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary and the birth of my niece Reilly Sue.  I also had a severe craving for fall like weather.  If I wasn't so busy at work in October I probably would have timed our trip for Halloween since it's my favorite fall holiday.

The weather is a little bit gloomy and cloudy right now but the temperature is perfect!  The only thing missing is the fall foliage.  It's just too early for the pretty oak and maple leaves that can be found around my hometown.

Fall has been on my mind all week in preparation of my trip up north so I couldn't help put Pin some fall inspirations:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wild Animal Cake Pops

Junglepops (8)

One of my courthouse acquaintances asked if I could make jungle animals for a child's birthday party. Challenge...accepted!

Some of these animals don't live in a jungle. I know this. How could I not make a giraffe or hippo though? They are the best animals to visit at the zoo according to me and my Mom. Penguins too according to the hubby but I'm pretty sure penguins could never qualify as jungle animals unless they are the ones that got shipwrecked on that island in the movie Madagascar. "Just smile and wave, smile and wave"

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pin All the Things 9/9/12 {Hedgehogs make me *Squee*}

My and the hubster have been discussing getting a pet.  I kind of want a pet but then I remember I'm never home Monday to Friday and that wouldn't be fair to a puppy dog.  A cat sounds alright until I imagine it shredding my roomie's fairly new furniture.  Our place is small too so not sure where it's litter box would go.

Peter is trying to convince me that a hedgehog would be our perfect pet.  I'm not so convinced yet but he's not buying my fishy pets idea.  I like aquariums.  They are so calming and I love the sound of the bubbling water.  I've had a lot of fish growing up.  It's pretty much the only pet my Dad let us have.  Peter has had a lot of pets growing up.  Dogs cats, hamsters, gerbils.  And now he is fixated on getting a hedgehog.

After some research and looking at oodles of hedgie porn the idea has grown on me.  I'd name her Dilemma or Dilly for short and she would curl up by my neck when I read and be very snuggly.  I have a wonderful imagination and so I realize that the above scenario is doubtful.

Check out all the reasons I should have a hedgehog for a pet:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Frustrating Food Packages

I saw this video on The Daily What today and all I have to say is, "Exactly!"

Why do food packages have to be so frustratingly difficult to open? I hate getting a food package that is resealable only to have the bag tear or the zip lock portion to separate from the package. I think this happens almost every single time I open a new package of shredded cheese. And just last night the spaghetti sauce refused to open. I had to whack the cap with a butter knife handle several times before I could it to pop open!