Friday, June 1, 2012

Pinkie Pie Cake Pops

I finally decided that if Pinkie Pie were going to throw me a party she would definitely make me cake pops.  I've never made cake pops but I have been following Bakerella for sometime and she makes it seem so easy.  She's right they are easy.  They just take time, patience and a bit of creativity.  Since this was my first time making cake pops I decided to keep it simple but flavorful.

I also wanted to try out these new flavor mix thingies from Duncan Hines.  I had a coupon for a free packet with a purchase of 16oz of icing.  The key ingredients for making cake pops are a prepared cake, 2/3 a container of icing and candy melts.  Then you cane get creative and decorate them with sprinkles or candies or cookie crumbs.  Bakerella has all the step by steps and tips you need to make perfect cake pops.

They do take some advance planning to make.  I made these during the week over several days.  First I baked the cake.  The next day I crumbled it up and added the icing.  Then I rolled out the cake balls and stored them in the fridge.  The following day I melted a bit of the candy melts and inserted my pop sticks and then put them back in the fridge.

Finally, I made a mess in my kitchen and dipped the whole pop into the melts and covered them in sparkly and colorful sprinkles because that's what Pinky Pie would do.  I did forget one important aspect to making cake pops.  A piece of styrofoam to place my pops in to dry.  Since I didn't have anything like that I just inverted them and placed them in cupcake liners to dry.  This means my bottoms were flat.  I don't think it affected their cuteness (or their deliciousness, lol!).

I just love Pinkie Pie's ability to plan a party for any occasion.  I had no reason to make cake pops, but you know what?  Pinkie Pie wouldn't care and in that vein I decided to be random and surprise my co-workers with a sweet treat, a happy Friday and a "Smile! Smile! Smile!".

Pinkie Pie Pops

I made labels to dress up my cake pops with some Pinkie Pie quotes. My favorite is the pickle barrel kumquat one.

I love the colorful sprinkles!  I also used funfetti cake mix but after adding in the icing and the flavoring packet the funfetti effect got lost. These ones were bubblegum flavored.

The pink sparkly ones were flavored with the cotton candy packet.  I was hoping for a beautiful blue color but they came out more of a sickly green color.  Honestly, they look like they have a disease!  They did taste wonderful though.  Of the two flavors this one was my favorite and had the best feedback from co-workers.  All my co-workers agreed they were very sweet.  So it's probably a good thing cake pops are on the small side!

I had so much fun passing these pops out on Friday.  I like being creative and baking but I hate having the sweets around the house the whole weekend where I can mindlessly snack on them, lol!  This project was initially frustrating because I have never made labels or cake pops before.  Now that I have them down pat I will definitely be making more in the future.

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  1. OMG OMG OMG These are the cutest sweets everrr!! (I wish I worked with you, girl!)