Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Firecracker Cake Pops

Firework Pops (7)

Yum! More cake pops! I was feeling inspired by all the red, white and blue at the stores and sculpted some firecrackers in honor of the 4th of July. 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and my favorite part is watching all the fireworks.

Firework Pops (8)

I originally planned to put some pop rocks in the middle of each pop but I forgot. It was early in the morning okay! Yes, I had the whole day off and still got up early. *grumble grumble*

Firework Pops (6)

I made these out of yellow cake and vanilla icing. I learned a new trick too. Just put the baked cake into your stand mixer with the paddle attachment and turn it on. Let the mixer do all that crumbling! Then add in a bit icing and turn the mixer back on. Viola! Perfectly mixed cake pops.

Firework Pops (5)

I used some candy shoelaces. I wanted some black licorice shoelace candy but no can find. I got lucky finding the sour candy shoelace at Wal-Greens. They're yummy! If you hsve some Twizzlers pull and peel that will work too.

Firework Pops (3)

The red firecrackers were pretty easy to make. The blue sparkly ones gave me a bit of trouble. I used a cheerio for the top but forgot to see if my candy shoelace would fit through the cereal hole. After a bit of wrangling I finally got the wick in. Had to take a toothpick to enlarge a hole in the pop. I think they're my favorite! The lettering is just some royal icing I had leftover from another cake pop project.

If you like the cake pop labels, I got them here.

In conclusion: Have a wonderful (and safe!) Independence Holiday!

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