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Willy's Weiners: A Resturant Review

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Last Saturday I was seriously craving a hotdog and didn't have nary a dog in the house so I convinced my husband to take me out. Also, the library is located conveniently near a hotdog stand I had heard about on Main Street in Kissimmee. I had books to return and an insatiably craving. It's time to eat!

We headed downtown and pulled up to Willy's Wieners located at 108 E Dakin Avenue in Kissimmee Florida. It's located on a side street but not hard to find. They have picnic tables out front with cute umbrellas to shad you from the unrelenting Florida sunshine. Did I mention that the heat has been unbearable lately?

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Thankfully it was nice and cool inside this little hotdog joint. I had already checked out their menu online before deciding to eat here so I had a pretty good idea about what they offered and what I wanted to eat. I was sidetracked by their specials though. I tripled dog dared Peter to get The French Toasted Willy. He accepted the challenge.

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I ordered the Carolina Dog. It came smothered with coleslaw and chili. I also added onions and some mustard. It was de-lic-ious! The coleslaw wasn't overwhelmingly sweet like coleslaw can be sometimes and thankfully wasn't full of celery seed. It reminded me a bit of the slaw from KFC but not as sweet. The chili was all meaty goodness. I also ordered fried to share with the guys. They too were delicious. I ate most of them. Don't judge.

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Our roomie Jason ordered two Slaw Dogs. Same coleslaw as the Carolina Dog just no chili. Pretty lame if you ask me but Jason is a coleslaw connoisseur and he approves this message. Just look at he how he contemplates his dog eating technique!

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As I mentioned earlier I dared my hubby Peter to get the French Toasted Willy.

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Besides having a giggle worthy name this bratwurst comes on a cinnamon sugar french toasted bun, bacon, maple syrup and some powdered sugar.

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And that pretty much sums up my husband's opinion about this brat. He said it was breakfast for dinner and that he would definitely get it again.

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My husband and roomie also went ga-ga over these bottled drinks that Willy's offers. I opted for Diet Coke because none of their bottles were diet and because I have a Diet Coke addiction. I did try a sip of each flavor they bought and can say they are very yummy. I especially liked the orange cream soda. Tasted just like a Creamsicle Popsicle! I was weird and kept the bottle caps. I think they'll make cute fridge magnets.

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Another fun fact about Willy's Wieners? They serve their meals on frisbees! How cute is that?! The walls are decorated with cute vintage-y metal adverts for the hotdog brand they use. All the red is a bit overwhelming but I was so busy nom-ing my food that I didn't have time to glare at the paint much. I did smell overwhelmingly of fried food when I exited the building. I really hate that smell but those fries were so good! Why does that friend smell have to linger for hours on your clothes? Ick!

The staff at Willy's is uber nice and so were the other customers. We had a good time chatting with them all and appreciated their recommendations. I can't wait to go back and try some more hotdogs. They also have an Italian beef sandwich that looks nom-worthy too.

Willy's Wieners

108 E Dakin Avenue
Kissimmee, Florida 34741

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