Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hanging Out in Celebration, Fl

Celebration Fl (40)

You might remember a little while back I reviewed a restaurant called Thai Thani located in Celebration, Florida.  If you don't remember, that's not important.  What is important to remember is that if your ever in the Orlando area, say visiting Walt Disney World and in need of a break from the Mouse, is to go explore  the town of Celebration.

It's located not very far from Disney property and was actually planned/developed by the Walt Disney Company.  It is a small community with a small town feel and is a very safe place to walk around and just appreciate the beautiful sights and architecture.  There are so many beautiful homes that I just dream of owning!

Celebration Fl (41)

There is so much to see and do in this town.  We spent most of our evening Downtown.  We ate some Thai food at Thai Thani and then traveled down the street to do some sightseeing, relaxing and shopping.  It was fun getting to see all the little electric cars that the residents drive around.  They even have designated parking spots for these vehicles!

Celebration Fl (43)

There are a lot of whimsical details to find all around town.  We found this dancing bear topiary in front of a little bakery and couldn't resist having our picture taken in front of it.  Our last name is Bear after all, lol!

Celebration Fl (42)

I wanted to know if it was allowed to climb up to the top of this tower but never did find out for sure. No one wanted to climb all the way to the top with me. I just bet it has an awesome view though.

Celebration Fl (45)

After dinner I was really craving some ice cream. Kilwin's hit the spot with a yummy rootbeer float. We also bought some fudge for Peter's Dad for Father's Day. They had a ton of ice cream flavors to chose from and smelled heavenly in there from all the candy and waffle cone making!

Celebration Fl (44)

This place was hard NOT to miss! A Sanrio store, yay! I LOVE Hello Kitty. I have a Hello Kitty toaster, milkshake maker, two drink dispensers, a nail salon, waffle maker and other various odds and ends. Somehow I was able to restrain myself and only walk out with one item.

Celebration Fl (46)

We watched the sunset from the shore of the lake. It was very beautiful. The weather was just right but towards the end of our evening I started to get bit my mosquitoes. So time to go!

Celebration Fl (47)

As we were leaving all these lights started to come on. All twinkly and romantic. I want a tree with a ton of lights in it all year around! And a fountain! And a wrap-a-round porch! Well, maybe if I win the lotto?

So definitely check out Celebration Florida. They have festivals and the like all year round. Halloween is especially fun. Some of the residents get way into Halloween and put on some awesome displays. If your from the Midwest and get homesick for fall I highly recommend coming out. They actually have trees that change colors and a home-town feel. Around Christmas they even do nightly "snow falls". There is something for everyone and a good time to be had.


  1. We have Kilwin's up here. I love it! I always get the superman ice cream. I feel like an 8 year old asking for it, but it is soooo good!

    1. I always just end up getting a boring ole rootbeer float because I can't decide, lol!

  2. I'm going back to Celebration to look through your eyes... It looks and sounds awesome! Great article!

    1. This sounds like a perfect evening, love Thai. Thanks, Heather, P

    2. It was a lovely evening and I can't wait to do it again=)

  3. As a resident and business owner in Celebration, I can tell you firsthand that is an awesome place to live and and have a family. We have lived here since 2005 and love it!

    1. Well it's gorgeous and I'm totally jealous you get to be there everyday!