Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tiki Cake Pops

Tiki Pops (27)

Recently my roommate had to leave us for a little bit.  Poor baby had to take a trip to Hawaii to visit family.  I'm pretty sure he had a good time.  I know I would if I wasn't insanely afraid of volcanoes.  Volcanoes give me the heebie-jeebies.  Ever watch Dante's Peak?  Yeah, highly improbable and inaccurate but that moves scares the crap out of me!  So now I have a fear of volcanoes.  And fire. And dying by volcano and fiery hot lava.  Very irrational.

Tiki Pops (55)

Anyways, Jason (our roommate aka Mr. Foo-foo Cuddlypoops), was generous enough to come home bearing gifts.  A box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts which I single handedly polished off and a tiki shaped beer opener.  Mmm, chocolate covered nuts.  So yummy!

Tiki Pops (60)

Later, probably after taking Jason to work (or picking him up), I found this tiki ice cube mold in the dollar spot at Target.  Feeling inspired by Jason's recent trip to Hawaii and also wanting a good excuse to show off my rooting pineapple plant, I made some more cake pops!  These are the most detailed pops I have made to date.

Tiki Pops (58)

Of course, after unmolding them and covering them in chocolate I discovered that the details from the mold disappeared.  So I had to draw where I wanted my eyes and mouth to be before I piped on the colored chocolate details.  I used a toothpick to do that.  I just turned over the ice mold and used that as a guide.

Tiki Pops (56)

After getting all the the faces on the pops, I used some leftover marshmallow fondant I had laying around to create feathers.  I colored small amounts of the dough, rolled them out thinly and then used my small Wilton leaf cutter.  Afterwards I used an edible ink pin to add some feather details.  I glued them onto the tiki heads with additional candy melts and also added a sprinkle medallion. 

Tiki Pops (59)

These pops came out on the small side but they are so cute!  The fondant wasn't very tasty though.  My husband and roommate tore the feathers off before consuming, lol!  I hope I was able to explain how I created these pops.  If you need more detail let me know in the comments.

Tiki Pops (57)

Here is my pineapple plant.  I am so proud of this plant because I have tried on numerous occasions to plant the top from the pineapples I get to eat from the store.  I was finally able to get one to root and into some soil.  It's doing quite well and has new growth coming up from the center.  I'll try to remember to share it's progress, especially if I end up with a pineapple! 

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