Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pin All the Things 7/22/12 {The Olympics}

This week I made cake pops to celebrate the upcoming Summer Olympic Games.  While it would be difficult for most of to be able to actually go to London, it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy watching the games at home.  I think it would be a lovely idea to have a party celebrating the games and apparently I'm not the only one to think so.  Check out these awesome pins:

Printable photo props! I love home made photo booths. The sillier the props the better.

These labels could be used to decorate almost anything. Add them to your own cake pops or cupcakes or use them as stickers to close gift bags.

This entire table is uber cute. wish I had a larger space to hold my own party!

Need something to wear to your fabulous party? Never fear there's a tutorial for that!

The rings seem to be a popular item to recreate. Here they are with a base of donuts. Mmmm, doughnuts.

Or make some out of naniamo bars. I've never had, but I here they are a very yummy treat. Must make soon!

This is a simple version. A sheet cake, iced and then decorated with m&ms.

On a diet? Fruit saves the day!

And if you need to get a little drunk, here is a recipe for Olympic cocktail. Every party is better with a little alcohol. I'm I right?

I saw a lot of cute ideas out there on the interwebs. I'm super excited about this year's games. How about you?

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